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26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a normal working day here, but I hope everyone who's celebrating has a wonderful day.

Let us know how your day has been? Who did you celebrate with? What did you eat? What are you thankful for?
My 19 y.o. kitty, UFO, died in my arms this afternoon. She was so frail and seemed to have a seizure. It's been a difficult day. At least she had a little bit of turkey earlier, and enjoyed me brushing her just prior to the end. So sad.
I knew she was failing and I was facing a big decision very soon, so I don't have that agonizing decision now. It was her time, but I'm really going to miss her.
posted by mightshould 26 November | 23:06
Oh no. Big hugs to you, mightshould.

Having roasted a couple of geese for my work group and a few others a couple of weekends ago, I'm all cooked out and poultried out to boot.

So I scooped up my cousin K, who's recently moved to the area, and took her to a Persian buffet where they offered turkey and the rest of the Thanksgiving hoopla (for her) and their usual fare (for me). We enjoyed the atmosphere and the people-watching, and we talked about all sorts of difficult and funny things. Then I then drove her home and now I'm sitting in my pyjamas in front of a blazing fire. Crosbie the dog is curled up next to me.

I'm glad to be living in this odd, beautiful, strangely affordable hidden cottage. I'm glad that for a change I now have a family member living nearby. I'm glad to have a job where I get to work with friends. I'm glad we've had a little rain lately and might be getting more in a few days.
posted by tangerine 27 November | 02:15
Aww, mightsound, so sorry about your kitty! I'm glad you got to be together at the end.

Our Thanksgiving was low-key- watched the parade on TV, then went to the house of a fellow Lutheran pastor and her husband. They had a mishmosh of friends over, none that we knew. The only problem with going to somebody else's house for Thanksgiving is you can't lay down and fall asleep after the meal. Good food, though, and the kids had fun despite waking up crabby. After they went to bed, I went over to our new house and did some priming of the wood paneling and baseboard heaters. 17 days until we move in, so much to do! Painting, patching plaster, cleaning the grime out of every corner. Church folks have offered to help out, apparently they're sending a group over for a walk-through on Sunday. So glad, we could really use the help.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 November | 09:42
I'm so sorry, mightsound.

Pretty low key but good day with my family yesterday. Half watched the parade (while complaining they no longer show all the balloons & floats on the tv version) and the dog show while kid wrangling. Worked on a few holiday cards and sorted out pictures to send in them. Standard turkey, stuffing, mac & cheese, etc. for dinner.

Today I've been spending other people's money. One aunt wanted to move up to a smartphone so we got that situated. My other aunt who's working today wanted to order some things from JCPenny so I helped her do that. Now I'm waiting for kidlet to finish up her nap so we can go to the park.
posted by bluesapphires 27 November | 12:26
So sorry, mightshould.

We are in Oregon with the dog, soaking up ocean and staying at a seaside dog friendly resort. Yesterday was a sumptuous Thanksgiving midday meal at a restaurant located beside the resort. It is just the dog, Bear and I. I feel thankful for them and everything else in my amazingly fortunate life.
posted by bearwife 27 November | 12:54
So very sorry, mightshould.

We had our usual Friendsgiving. Only put one notice out on facebook this year and we were full up in like an hour :) Some new faces, some regulars. A good time was had by all. Bonus for hosting: we end up with the most leftovers.
posted by gaspode 27 November | 18:05
Mightshould it sounds like your cat was aware in her final moment that she was loved. She lived a long life and was as comfortable as possible in the end. In my mind that's all that we living beings can expect in this life.
But it still sucks. :-(

We don't do thanksgiving here. But we have Sinterklaas coming up (5 December). So I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing my daughter for that.
posted by jouke 27 November | 21:54
Jon and I had a lovely day, just the two of us. Lots of food-- shrimp and deviled eggs and gorgonzola tarts, filet mignon and crab cakes, potatoes au gratin and spinach souffle, pumpkin pie, coffee toffee ice cream. I'm still full. Watched the parade and dog show on TV. Enjoying the long weekend (Jon had to work Friday and today, but I've been in my PJs since Wednesday afternoon. (There are advantages to not having family around.)
posted by Pips 28 November | 09:06
Pretty good day, nice and quiet. I didn't want to go anywhere because the holidays feel weird this year, but I had a houseguest and we and the cats watched the last game of the 1965 World Series (Sandy Koufax!) and I made this and this. Pretty good, but the ketchup/brown sugar/apple cider vinegar glaze for the turkey meatballs was not universally popular, anybody have a better idea for a meatloaf glaze?
posted by JanetLand 29 November | 10:56
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : What's for dinner? || Photo Friday: What's for dinner?