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06 November 2015

Friday 3-point update. I've been out of town. What y'all been doin'?[More:]
1. I went to New Orleans.
2. I went to Chicago.
3. Beignets and deep dish pizza are the best yummy things in the world.
Oh, how fun! I miss beignets now. :)

1. Just got back from a quick work trip to Milwaukee. People are super nice there, and I'd love to have time to explore the botanical gardens a little, but I am glad to be home.
2. Still adjusting to life with the niece. She is still adjusting to life with us, and school. I have a new respect for anyone with children, and am incredibly glad I did not have any.
3. i definitely need to pick yoga back up and probably meditation as well. my patience is shot and i am cranky almost ALL the time.
posted by needlegrrl 06 November | 10:23
3. I posted to MetaChat in your absence.
2. I judged an improv competition.
3. I rode a ferry!
posted by Eideteker 06 November | 11:33
1. Sewing a denim jacket from scratch. Hope it looks nice when done.

2. Getting a sewing lesson from my friend who has forgotten more than I know about sewing. That will help.

3. 73°F today, record tied for the city of Boston. Don't know if it'll go up any more.
posted by Melismata 06 November | 14:13
1. My husband has decided to do one more year of the night shift. So very unhappy about it, but trying to be supportive of his choices with respect to his career. At least it's only a year more.

2. My diet got completely derailed by Halloween. I just don't have enough self control to not eat the kids' candy (and they literally have no interest in it... For them, the trick-or-treating experience was the whole thing). Thinking of throwing it out or telling my husband to hide it somewhere if he wants it.

3. A bunch of layoffs coming at my company. Hoping that I'm safe and that my boss (who I think is more at risk than I am) is too.
posted by amro 06 November | 19:17
1. Had my kitchen painted. Mostly white, but with one wall lime green.

2. Had dinner at a wonderful restaurant with initapplette on Monday evening as she was passing through London.

3. Planning a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.
posted by Senyar 06 November | 19:47
Senyar, that will be an amazing trip! I would love to see the northern lights. And my dad - who has been most everywhere - loves Iceland, FWIW. He's been back a few times.
posted by amro 06 November | 21:05
1. When I came home from work Wednesday evening, the wrecking duo had broken my very favorite cocoa mug into 4 pieces .... it was a perfect mug: tall, large and microwavable. Friday evening tjey had pulled down a curtain and its rod plus knocked over a plant stand. I'm sure I'll remember fondly, their younger lively days when they get to be old cranky cats...

2. Have managed to get one day off a week for the last several weeks. Never thought I'd Be happy about catching up on housework.

3. Monster number one is a total love bug if he ever slows down enough.
posted by mightshould 07 November | 14:29
Cats teach us the One Great Lesson: Don't get attached to things.
posted by JanetLand 07 November | 16:19
1. I'm having a dozen people over for dinner next week. I've done this sort of thing before, but not for years, and right now the prospect seems completely overwhelming.

2. Trying be patient with my brain about the fact that I haven't yet managed to "get over" a not-even-that-recent breakup, and I still keep crying at odd times. It was embarrassing even to type that sentence, but probably good for me.

3. Just got back from a lovely walk with my dog. Considering a bath and a pot of some sort of soporific tea.
posted by tangerine 08 November | 00:21
1. Crazy brick mason is finally done rebuilding two of the exterior walls in on our house. Nice to know that the side of the house won't fall down anytime soon. He was here since August, I'll sort of miss having him around.

2. Heading over to the local film festival to see a doc about Nina Simone this afternoon. The director is going to give a talk afterward.

3. I was going to interview with [big famous tech company] on Thursday but got cold feet and asked them to post-pone it until early next year so that I can prepare more. I've been studying algorithms and such for months but I need to be able to answer the questions withing the scope of 45 minute interviews and I just can't do it that fast yet. They were very nice and said that the invitation is open for whenever I want.

posted by octothorpe 08 November | 11:17
1. Cat still missing. No verified sightings; there's a cat that looks very similar roaming a few blocks away and we keep getting calls about that cat. I hate having to tell people, err, thanks but I already know that isn't our cat.
2. Buying a house! Did I mention that here before? We are. Waiting for final approval on our mortgage, and then we're pretty much set to close sometime at the end of the month. This means I have to pack, aaaaaah.
3. Very close to be done with grad school and totally over it already. Really should be writing that 2500-word paper for HR, and yet I can't even get myself to pick a topic.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 November | 13:46
Hugs about missing kitty.

Two homewrecker kitties are currently enjoying playing with each other in the remains of a big empty box that kitty food was in. I must admit that it's cute. Too bad there's not enough light for video.
posted by mightshould 08 November | 19:39
Photo Friday: Commute || Don't rake leaves.