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05 November 2015

Is a Charlie Brown movie still a Charlie Brown movie with a happy ending? [More:]SPOILER ALERT kinda...I have not seen this movie; my thoughts are based on this review. I am actually very happy to hear that Charlie Brown has a "win" at the end of this new animated movie. When I was growing up, I identified strongly with him - I often felt left out, misunderstood, a loser, a loner. I would actually hurt for him! (Such a sensitive child I was..I wouldn't even mistreat my stuffed animals because I believed they would feel it). I was always filled with happiness when he had successes in the comic strip; it bolstered my own image of myself. If he can keep going, so can I. So I ask your opinions..think it's still a Charlie Brown movie if there is a happy ending?
Well, this movie has the Seal of Approval from Charles Schulz's family... in fact, his son and grandson are both down as co-writers. I don't think there's anything in there his family wouldn't want and he DID raise one of the writers (and his wife is still alive and administering the Charles Schulz Museum, which I've read from other cartoonists is VERY respectful of him and his intent.

This is the biggest media production of the Peanuts universe ever (even the previous movies were rather simply animated, because that fit the characters). There was a LOT of back-and-forth reported about the design of Charlie Brown and others in 3D/CGI, so you almost have to assume they worked to get the story right. I was rather worried myself when I saw that The Little Red Headed Girl who was CB's object of unrequited love did have a speaking role for the first time ever... so the spoiler in the linked article did realize what was my biggest fear, to which I must say "GOOD GRIEF".

(Or as Henry Gibson once one-lined on "Laugh-In"... "There is no such thing as GOOD grief.")
posted by oneswellfoop 05 November | 23:13
Well, the very first animated Peanuts special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, has a happy ending. So there's precedent.
posted by JanetLand 06 November | 09:12
Agreed! Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 November | 20:56
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