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30 October 2015

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions What was your favorite Halloween costume (on you or someone else) ever? Details please!
Mine was the year I was Miss Demeanor. I wore a very sparkly full skirted dress, sparkly heels, sparkly hose, false sparkly eyelashes, sparkly makeup and body powder, a tiara, and of course a big sash with my title emblazoned on it.
posted by bearwife 30 October | 17:29
In second grade, I made my costume : it was a box with holes cut out for my head and arms - I painted it to look like a candy bar.....getting candy was the whole point of the event in my eyes. Parents were not involved, so my arms were captured from the elbow on up. I didn't think through functionality.

I have no idea if it was any way resembling the candy bar wrapper, but I managed to trip over something in the dark and fell; was unable to get up without help.... it's my most memorable costume.
posted by mightshould 30 October | 18:29
Dressing O as Chiquita Banana 2 years ago. The pinnacle of my costume for children career.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 October | 06:43
The one that springs to mind is when a friend of mine dressed as a mudflap (the kind with the lady posing on it). It was just such an unexpected thing to see as a costume.
posted by amro 31 October | 07:35
In 2003 I was the Statue of Liberty. It was completely homemade, with a torch made of a flashlight, wire, and orange shrinkwrap. I won first place at my job's contest. I've crafted a bunch of costumes since, but that one will forever be my favorite.
posted by kimberussell 31 October | 12:26
Not so much the costumes themselves as the combination and the situation: I was coming home late from dinner with friends, long after most people had gone home, and saw Cthulhu, the Empire State Building, and a woolly mammoth propping each other up at a streetcorner.
posted by tangerine 31 October | 18:50
My favorite ever was the year my 4 year old went as a pirate, as did I. I dressed my younger son, then 8 months, as a treasure chest: taking one of those bath rings that keep babies sitting upright in the tub, I put it in a cardboard box that I made to look like a treasure chest using wood grain contact paper. I decorated an oversized fleece jumpsuit for him to look like coins; did the same with a yellow sheet; put him in the ring, covered most of him with the coin-sheet, hung some strings of "pearls" from the craft store - and bingo, he was our treasure! We marched in my home town's Halloween Parade that year. Still my favorite memory.
posted by redvixen 05 November | 18:56
Bearwife, I went as "Miss Behavin'" one year! I used a bridesmaid gown, a sash, and a tiara, too. Figured it was the only way I'd ever use that bridesmaid dress ever again (burgundy velvet and taffeta!)
posted by redvixen 05 November | 18:58
I am also partial to the year I didn't go anywhere but my friend's home, where I got inside a black painted box and posed all night (via my right hand only, on which I had grown my nails and painted them red and filed them to points) as "Thing," a la The Addams Family. My friend answered the door and my creepy hand delivered the candy after she summoned me from my box by calling for "Thing."
posted by bearwife 08 November | 16:36
Have y'all seen this? || Happy Halloween!