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23 October 2015

Friday question not from the book's of questions What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
For me, hands down, mopane worms win this prize. And they were delicious, so I'd eat them again.
posted by bearwife 23 October | 14:00
I don't think I've ever eaten anything truly "weird." It felt peculiar to be offered swan one Christmas, but I don't know that I'd call that weird. I did gross out my niece and nephew once by eating Brussels sprouts, so there's that. :)
posted by JanetLand 23 October | 14:23
Miracle berry tablets! I had a miracle berry party years ago that was pretty fun.
posted by amro 23 October | 14:48
I had crickets at a Oaxacan place in LA last summer.
posted by brujita 23 October | 16:37
Well, weird is of course relative. I grew up in rural New Zealand, so it would have been weird if I had never eaten huhu grubs. So I have.

I've eaten horse. Lots of ppl think that's weird. Ummmm?

I don't think I'd turn too much down from a taste point of view, but nowadays I won't eat certain foods for various reasons that are no doubt inconsistent and hypocritical to some point, but so it goes.
posted by gaspode 23 October | 20:00
I ate a yellow jacket flew into my mouth and it stung the inside of my mouth as I was eating a sandwich - I guess it was big fish eating little fish. Sometimes it hurts on the way down.

I guess the oddest thing I've eaten intentionally is chitlins.
posted by mightshould 23 October | 20:42
My friend gave me a Cameroonian warm cornmeal beverage once without telling me what it was, to replicate the experience she had in Cameroon while doing service work there. It was a little weird because I didn't know what it was and because I'm not used to drinking cornmeal, at least not in beverage form, but it wasn't that weird, really.

Other than that, I haven't got much. Boudin blanc?
posted by Miko 23 October | 22:06
I guess it would be brains.
My grandmother would make fried brain sandwiches for my grandfather and my dad, and, one day, I asked for a taste. It was actually quite good. Next time, I had a sandwich all to myself.

Other than that...groundhog?
I used to work summers on a farm, and, every once in awhile, the owner would shoot a groundhog and we'd have pan-fried groundhog for dinner. It's quite good.
posted by Thorzdad 24 October | 08:05
I tried sweetbreads for the first time when we were in New Orleans last summer. They were good, deepfried and mild, but didn't taste like much. Foie Gras, on the other hand, is one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted (stuff those geese, dammit, stuff 'em). Bite of rare seared steak and Foie Gras and I'm in heaven. Not so weird, though.

People think gribnis is weird when I describe it. Little fried bits of chicken skin, leftover from when my mom rendered chicken fat, cooked down with onion and salted. So yummy. My brother and I used to fight over it. Like jewish chicharrones.
posted by Pips 24 October | 10:33
Mightshould beat me to it. In my case though, it was a fly that flew into my mouth as I was talking to someone inside the house, through a screen door. Otherwise, I'm pretty routine with food. I was offered Prairie Oysters when I was a teen, but I refused to eat them because no one would tell me what they were. And when they did tell me, I still refused. I would try them now, though, just because. I've had frog legs, but that's not truly weird, is it.
posted by redvixen 24 October | 19:13
No, frog legs are simply yummy.
posted by bearwife 24 October | 20:33
Prarie oysters taste like fried clams.
posted by brujita 24 October | 20:58
Lamb testicles, at a Lebanese restaurant. They had kind of a spongy texture. I've also eaten crocodile, which was pretty good. It was white meat, a bit like pork or maybe veal.
posted by Senyar 25 October | 03:45
Calamari was pretty weird; first time in California and out of the Midwest. Now I miss Cali.
posted by buzzman 25 October | 09:35
Heh, funny how location makes all the difference. To me calamari is just something you order as an appetizer at any Italian restaurant.
posted by amro 25 October | 10:17
Huh,yeah. Calamari is standard fare around here, every Italian restaurant serves it.
posted by octothorpe 25 October | 12:22
Gator bites (deep fried chunks of alligator) were pretty common fare in Miami, too. Served with a spicy aioli. I had kangaroo once, too (a little chewy).
posted by Pips 25 October | 13:34
Hmm I forgot eating crocodile, in Capetown. Greasy but very flavorful.
posted by bearwife 25 October | 15:30
Sea urchin sushi. Once. Only once.
posted by Splunge 25 October | 17:22
I was forced by diplomatic protocol, while having dinner with the Australian Ambassador in Hanoi, to eat Sea Cucumber. Pretty bland, veery chewy.
posted by dg 26 October | 04:52
Sea urchin sushi. Once. Only once.

Uni is awesome!
posted by Thorzdad 26 October | 09:59
Probably hutatlecoche for me. It's not really that weird but the name plus its English description as "corn smut" makes it weird enough for most people. Unsurprisingly, it tastes like mushroom.

The internet has kind of made most "weird" foods seem pedestrian now. Among the few things that really freak me out are balut and ortolan.
posted by mullacc 26 October | 12:42
The internet has kind of made most "weird" foods seem pedestrian now

Yup. I've eaten a pretty broad range of things, including many items mentioned upthread, but they didn't really feel "weird". "Weird" to me is something that calls into question whether it's actually edible...maybe a Hachiya persimmon?

posted by tangerine 26 October | 13:40
I learn about weird food from watching 'Chopped'. I often have to google something that appears from out of the mystery basket.
posted by Senyar 26 October | 13:47

Uni is awesome!

Maybe for you, sir. For me it had the texture of cold phlegm. I react very strongly to texture. You might say, violently, sometimes. I'm sure that it has to do with something that I have repressed from my childhood. And I have found that I can learn to like some things. For instance raw clams and oysters. But uni hit me in such a way that I almost had to run to the bathroom. I won't take that chance again. I might embarrass myself or a companion.

I have heard that it is indeed the essence of sea foam and butter. For you and yours. Not for me. Enjoy and be happy.
posted by Splunge 26 October | 17:32
Tangerine, we have a hachiya persimmon tree in our yard! So delicious when ripe.
posted by amro 26 October | 21:14
Raw fish eyes. Weird texture but not a lot of taste.
posted by arse_hat 29 October | 02:25
we have a hachiya persimmon tree in our yard! So delicious when ripe.

True, amro! And so utterly bizarre when unripe.
posted by tangerine 29 October | 23:55
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