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13 October 2015

Our cat is MIA [More:]Realized this evening we haven't seen her all day, and we don't think she slept with us last night, either. She might have gotten out last night when I came home from class, a little before 9 pm. Hope she's still close by so she can smell the tuna water I put out on the front step for her.
posted by sperose 13 October | 18:40
Oh no!
posted by arse_hat 13 October | 19:11
I misplace jon that way sometimes. ; )

Hope yur kitty turns up soon!
posted by Pips 13 October | 19:53
Sending good wishes for speedy kitty return!!
posted by bearwife 13 October | 20:22
I really hope your next update is good news! I am sending good find-the-kitty vibes your direction.
posted by msali 13 October | 21:45
Hope kitty shows up soon - keeping fingers crossed.
posted by needlegrrl 14 October | 09:27
PSA: Tuna water is like cocaine for some cats. (The ones I took care of, anyway.)
posted by Melismata 14 October | 10:48
Oh no! Cats are smart, so she will probably make it home soon, but good vibes to New Jersey for you all. Hoping to hear a positive update soon!
posted by gaspode 14 October | 11:29
Sending good thoughts. I hope she's come home by now.
posted by Senyar 14 October | 12:19
Is she chipped? Did you check with the local shelters?
posted by octothorpe 14 October | 13:26
Chipped by a previous owner but never registered to us; not sure she's registered at all (never making that mistake again). Trying to get in touch with our town's animal services but haven't had luck yet. A lot of the surrounding towns have one big center, going now. I went to work this morning but had to leave at lunch, I'm too upset :(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 October | 13:51
I am so sorry to hear this Pinks! (((((((TPS)))))))
posted by msali 14 October | 14:42
Visited both nearby animal services centers. Started distributing fliers in the neighborhood. Still have to reach out to all the local vets and put up fliers in the immediate area. KITTY COME HOME! :(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 October | 18:03
Fingers crossed, TPS.
posted by tangerine 14 October | 18:45
Oh no, I'm so sorry. I hope you find her.
posted by amro 14 October | 19:06
posted by SassHat 15 October | 10:33
How old is she? Have you checked under nearby shrubbery and crawl spaces? When my dog was very ill we came home to find that she'd crawled under the bushes in our back yard.

I hope you find her soon.
posted by brujita 15 October | 13:47
I keep checking this thread hoping for good news. Thinking of you and your kitty, TPS.
posted by bearwife 15 October | 15:52
Oh no...good thoughts to you and kitty.
posted by kimberussell 15 October | 18:55
She's somewhere around 9 years old. Stynxno got her when we first started dating.

No official sign of her yet. We have food, water, litter box, clothes that smell like us outside. We went out to do errands, and while we were gone, something with cat feet ate the tuna fish and padded around in the litter box (but that could be the black cat we've seen over here before- hoping to do a more focused setup/watch tomorrow night). Every time we go outside, we all call for her. Even Oliver gets into it, telling her about all the stuff we have for her and that she should come home. That's tough to watch.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 October | 21:40
Sad moments. I really hope she turns up.
posted by Miko 15 October | 23:50
Don't lose hope! Cats do turn up after what feels like forever.

I'm sorry for your sadness, especially for Oliver.
posted by gaspode 16 October | 07:55
Cats are amazing little beasts, do not lose hope.
posted by amro 16 October | 08:33
Something is lurking outside, eating the food we have been putting out. It used the litter box in the 30 mins between when Stynx and I came home. I'm on watch!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 October | 16:25
My friend had an indoor cat get out for a week, but he did come home! I'm sure yours will be back indoors very soon!
posted by redvixen 16 October | 17:50
I keep checking back to see if your cat's returned-- Come home, kitty, come home!
posted by Pips 18 October | 15:34
Not yet :(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 October | 20:22
When my cat was lost I'd get up in the early early morning (like 5, 6 am). Before the traffic etc would start. Because my cat used to be scared of all that. And then he'd be able to hear the auditory cue I'd gotten him used to. (tinkling with my keys).

One time he was gone for 4 weeks. Because he got scared away by dominant cats (I live in the city where the cat density is pretty high). He probably subsisted on eating pigeons. And being fed by kind people.
They read his collar and called me after all that time.

That chip should be your collar, right? Did you get the chips registration changed to your details?
Best of luck!
posted by jouke 19 October | 11:37
No collar, and the chip registration was never changed to us, if had ever been registered to us at all.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 October | 11:43
TPS, I meant: did you try to change the registration now?
posted by jouke 19 October | 11:44
And, a parallel different approach; can you get in contact with the previous owners?
Because the'll try to contact them, right?
posted by jouke 19 October | 11:46
We don't have contact information for the previous owner because Chula was from a friend of a friend of a friend that I connected with through Myspace nine years ago. IF she was chipped, I never received information about it. I literally picked her up by meeting this person in Manhattan, in a parking lot on the far west side, and meeting the owner and talking to her for 3 minutes. I never got her chipped and, a few years ago, she stopped wearing her collar. I should have been better prepared for this but just didn't think she'd run out since it's something she never really tried.
posted by stynxno 19 October | 21:38
Got a text today from our mailman that he thinks he saw our cat yesterday 2 blocks over.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 October | 12:05
Well, that's maddening.
posted by ethylene 21 October | 16:50
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