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01 October 2015

Halloween is Coming Are you planning on dressing up?
No! But I'll be living vicariously through my children, who will be dressed as Superman and Snow White.
posted by amro 01 October | 17:31
Not me. But my dog will be a bat.
posted by Splunge 01 October | 18:07
Will probably get into my usual witch outfit (best part is the very tall hat!) and hope for some trick or treaters at our door. We rarely see any which makes some sense given that we are on a steep hill and are the only house that faces our street (versus, e.g., a cup de sac.)
posted by bearwife 01 October | 19:06
cul de sac. Thanks for nothing, spell check.
posted by bearwife 01 October | 19:07
I have never had trick or treaters come to my door on Halloween. (I also live on the 3rd floor in not a very kid-filled neighborhood.) It's a holiday for me, but I've been invited to a party the week beforehand. I bought some weird bat hoodie thing on Amazon that I can reuse for other things and am going to go with that plus a little mini witch hat that was on a headband for $5 that I got today at the grocery store.
posted by sperose 01 October | 22:16
Yes. I think I may dress up as a midwife from Call the Midwife, if I can get the elements together. Or I might flake out.
posted by Miko 01 October | 22:33
I dressed up for the first time last year, when I went to the Piano Bar dressed as a hippie from 'Hair!' It was an unusually warm night and so I was able to stroll through the streets of London in the early hours of the morning in sandals and a floaty top. Fun.

But in the UK Halloween isn't the big adult fun fest it seems to be in the States. It's only crept in here as a big celebration in the last ten years or so. Before that, it was always Guy Fawkes Night on 5 November which was the big autumn celebration. Halloween was always a much more low-key affair, maybe just a bit of apple bobbing and sheet ghosts. Children in the UK never went out 'trick or treating' until recently. Instead it was always 'Penny for the Guy'. It just wasn't part of our culture.

I mourn the erosion of our traditions with the very Americanised version of Halloween that's taking over the UK now.

*shakes fist* "Get off my lawn, you damn trick or treaters!"
posted by Senyar 02 October | 03:14
Yeah, go morris dancing, you filthy ingrates.

I am not sure as of now.
posted by ethylene 02 October | 04:59
I'm planning to dress up as a towering gawky furriner who speaks in guttural tones of garbled almost understandable things.
And when he speaks your language he sounds vaguely archa´c and overpolite. Like an old school James Bond vilain.

Oh wait, we don't do Helloween. That's my everyday demeanour.
posted by jouke 02 October | 11:46
We have a new house in a neighborhood with kids, and we have a (now) 14-month-old who lives next to a 15-month-old. Cindy next door is dressing up as a tree and her son will be a lumberjack, which KILLS me.

So far all I can think of is that I should be Cruella DeVil and my daughter could be a dalmatian, but... eh.

What is something good for a fat mom and a super adorable toddler? Or a fat mom and a fat dad (who plays along but does not go gaga over getting dressed up) and a super adorable toddler who would probably not be seen when handing out candy?
posted by Madamina 02 October | 13:07
Madamina, how about you and hubby as Ghost Busters and your toddler as a small ghost?

I have to work, and since I work in a meat department, I have to wear a long white coat. Last year was the first in many years that we've been allowed to even dress for the holiday, so I was a ghost (added cheesecloth to my white coat, whitened my face, darkened my eyes, etc.) This year, I was thinking angel, if I can get wings with enough elastic to work comfortably.
posted by redvixen 02 October | 18:28
Madamina, I keep coming back to my stat reaction, which is lions.
See, for comfort, you can do up big hoodies so you can take them on or off easily and adjust for weather and you will be giving out candy as the natural enemy of dentistry. Plus with the little one you'll be rocking pride, but you can dress the kid as almost anything-- meerkat, porkchop, human child you happen to be raising-- because no matter the story, you could be lion.

Or barbapapas.
posted by ethylene 03 October | 12:44
Maybe just my pink and black feather mardi gras mask I got in New Orleans, especially if we get some tricker-treaters this year-- there are a lot of kids in the building, so I'm hoping (hopefully it's allowed-- our building can be a little strict-- used to love handing out candy with my mom back in the day--)
posted by Pips 03 October | 12:53
The first place I lived in NY had a Halloween sign up list for tenants giving out treats.
posted by brujita 03 October | 14:10
I am not. Not being American, I'm not so into Halloween. Maddie will be Wonder Woman :)
posted by gaspode 03 October | 16:03
What about you, TPS?
posted by gaspode 03 October | 16:03
I really want to dress up as Alexander Hamilton, we'll see if I can manage to pull it together (so much to do, so little time). Apparently Halloween is a big deal in my new department- the CEO comes to judge a costume contest, decorations everywhere, people do dances, etc. Our division has often dressed up in a team costume in the past, but there doesn't seem to be strong interest this year.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 October | 18:27
Or maybe Washington so you can keep making entrances to "Here comes the General" and wreath stynxo with "It must be nice--"
posted by ethylene 04 October | 13:19
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 October | 17:23
Ad the adorable kidlet as Martha's feral cat?
posted by ethylene 04 October | 17:43
My kids would be Hercules Mulligan and Lafayette, for sure
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 October | 18:26
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