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27 June 2015

Friday question NOT from the Book of questions Yay weekend! To celebrate, reveal your commute -- length and mode.
We go about seven miles to work, basically from one end of the city to the other generally by car. We could take the bus but it would take an hour instead of 30 minutes and since we work in the same building we're at least only using one (very small) car for two.
posted by octothorpe 27 June | 06:57
Stumble groggily 15 feet to bathroom. Stay @30 seconds.
Walk less groggily from bathroom to kitchen on other side of house (@15 seconds). Make double-espresso, toast w/nutella (@10 minutes)
Walk, carrying espresso and toast, ~15 feet to studio (@5 seconds). Sit at computer. Work day begins.
posted by Thorzdad 27 June | 07:12
2x a week: drive 10 min to drop of kidlet and 10 min back home.

3x a week: drive 10 min to drop off kidlet and 10 min to the office, which is on 300+ acres in a scenic business park outside the suburbs.
posted by bluesapphires 27 June | 07:21
My commute is ten minutes. That's how long it takes me to go downstairs and make coffee, and get back upstairs and into my office.
posted by msali 27 June | 07:42
20-35 minute drive, depending on traffic. I love working on the NJ side of the bridge.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 June | 07:48
Another work-at-homer here, though I do bring my kids to daycare (maybe 7 minutes away) before stating work. And a few times a week I go to court about 45 minutes away.
posted by amro 27 June | 14:39
We're 13 miles from my work. Some days I bike to park and ride and take bus in, some days I bike all the way, occasionally I walk to a bus stop about 1.5 miles away or drive to the park and ride or all the way in. It's always about an hour and a half each way, all told.
posted by bearwife 27 June | 21:25
On Tuesdays I walk to work across a busy train crossing near Hiroshima central train station. When the boom is down there's a sign that lights up to tell how many of which trains are coming. If there's a freight train on the way, I walk the overpass. Otherwise I wait for the local trains to cross. The Shinkansen has its own trestle six stories up. Door to door, about 12 minutes.

On Wednesdays I take a local Japan Rail train five stops west to Itsukaichi Station, where I have a choice. I can either transfer to a tram for three stops and get off at Rakurakuen, then walk for two minutes, or I can walk two kilometers from Itsukaichi to my work. I typically walk, both for exercise and for the fact that I'm compensated for the tram fare in my monthly paycheck. So if I walk, I get to keep 1280. When I walk, the whole commute is about 45 minutes. I rarely save more than ten minutes by taking the tram.

Thursdays I take a tram from Hiroshima Station for about 25 minutes. Work is right across the street from the Minami-machi 6-Chome tram stop.

Fridays I have a meeting near Hiroshima Station for about an hour, and then I take a local JR train three stops to Nishi (West) Hiroshima Station, then walk for ten minutes or so. It takes 20-25 minutes.

On Saturdays I take a local JR train from Hiroshima Station to Furuichi-bashi Station, which is my longest commute. From the station I walk for ten minutes through a beautiful garden park reclaimed from a disused canal. All the neighbors abutting the park pitch in, maintaining flower beds and planting trees. It's a nice way to start my Saturday, especially as my other walking option takes me along the side of a fairly gritty highway full of fast trucks. My Saturday commute takes about 50 minutes.

All my return commutes mirror my advances.

I'm constantly coming up with new walks from the stations, trying new streets, getting a better sense of the neighborhoods in which I work. My aim is to get off the big highways, which are typically unpleasant to walk along, and onto the side streets, which are filled with treasure.

Google Maps is a great tool for my kind of commuting, since it includes current bus, train, and tram schedules. Everything runs on time here, so I can depend on it.
posted by Hugh Janus 27 June | 23:26
On a work-from-home day, I pull on some old sweatpants an 'Ahh' bra and a t-shirt, go first from my bedroom into my spare room and switch on the computer. Then straight into the kitchen where I usually have coffee left over from the day before to heat up in the microwave and at the same time as I'm doing that, I hit the 'start' button on the coffee maker for a fresh pot. Then bathroom (pee, brush teeth), back into the kitchen to pick up the coffee and at my desk, the whole thing taking no more than 2 or 3 minutes.

On an office day it's:

- walk 1 mile to the station, takes me about 20 minutes
- Central Line train to Stratford - no more than a 6-minute wait and a journey of about 15 minutes
- change to the Docklands Light Railway to Canary Wharf usually a 5 or 6 minute wait and then a 20-minute journey
- change to the Lewisham train at Canary Wharf and get out at South Quay, a 3-minute wait then about 3 minutes on the train (just two stops)
- a two-minute walk to the office, or five if I detour into Pret to buy some breakfast.
posted by Senyar 28 June | 04:16
Drive 10-15 minutes from my house to the office. 20 if I get behind a school bus and/or catch every single damned light. I love my short commute.

Not a good bike rider plus the fact that there's only high speed roads from my house to the office without much in the way of bike lanes and to take public transportation would be 2 hours or so because of the fact that I live in a different county than where I work.
posted by sperose 28 June | 07:28
Another work from home person here. Sometimes I wake up at 6am and get an hour or so work done before waking up the kiddo. After dropping her at school (7 minute walk each way. now, summer, at camp it will vary from 10 minutes to 40 minutes commute by subway/walking each way depending on the camp) I start my workday proper.
posted by gaspode 28 June | 16:36
I think I win for longest commute. It doesn't feel that long . . . the first half hour is biking or driving to park and ride with a stop at Starbucks to grab my latte and half scone, or a walk to the bus stop, and then it is usually 45 minutes on the bus, and then about 15 minutes from the stop to get to my office. I'm taking in nature if I'm on my bike, and listening to an audio book if I'm in the car or on foot, and then I'm reading the paper and email on my iPad on the way to work on the bus, or a book on the way home.

More and more, I just leave my car in the driveway. I drive it sometimes, but generally no more than once a week for commuting, and even then I tend to leave it at the park and ride and hop the bus. Aaaah.
posted by bearwife 28 June | 17:14
I'm about 2 1/2 miles from my office, so about 15 minutes door to desk. I get the shakes if I have to take a subway so it's a good thing I live in the sticks.
posted by JanetLand 28 June | 17:17
8 minute walk.
posted by Miko 28 June | 20:54
Pretty sure I can rival bearwife. 10 minute drive to the train station, 1:10 train trip then a few minutes walk to the office. Usually. But, when the kids are with me, add another 50 minutes of to-and-fro dropping them at school before I get to the train stationl.
posted by dg 29 June | 02:45
All my commure is by car since I live in a mass transit poor region.

If I work Monday it's an hour commute each way.

Tuesday and Thursday it's an hour commute in, then 15 mins to my Mom's after work.

Wednesday and Friday it's 15 mins back to work and an hoour home.

Saturday and Sunday it's 20 mins each way. I try and grocery shop at the place next door one of those days after work.
posted by mightshould 29 June | 06:43
20 minutes on foot, or 5-10 by car if I have stuff to bring. Plus a 10 minute round trip walk to drop 2-year-old at daycare (longer if he walks as he has to count everything). I could work from home but choose to rent space nearby instead. Love it.

That's three days of my week, and the other two are spent with kiddo and we don't have to commute anywhere.
posted by altolinguistic 29 June | 10:51
Just moved, so last week was my first week doing this. I step outside my door, go two houses down and cross the street to get to my bus stop, then ride about 35 minutes to campus. Then I take the back way through three buildings and two elevators because I don't like walking up the ridiculous hill upon which my office is perched. That usually takes another five or ten minutes or so.

Technically that way is for bad weather and/or people with disabilities, which once again reminds me how shitty to concept of "adequate accommodation" really is.
posted by Madamina 29 June | 11:36
On kid days you beat me, dg.
posted by bearwife 29 June | 19:16
I always drive to work. Suburbs. There is a public transportation option, but it would require me to go away from the office to get to the office.

I have four routes to choose from, ranging from 12 minutes through a Dept. of Conservation parkway with a lovely marsh reservation area but lots of speed bumps, to 20 minutes via a heavily traveled state route. I usually take the parkway route, except in the winter when the plowing is terrible. The view on the marsh (red-winged blackbirds, hawks, etc.) is worth dealing with the speed bumps.
posted by initapplette 29 June | 21:02
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