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09 June 2015

Saying our goodbyes to Kitty aka Mister Cat, stretch cat, Mr. Squeaky, Little guy, Booboo and more. [More:]

Last Tuesday he had pain. We went to the vet and he had Hyperthyroidism, a minor bladder infection and very high blood sugar. We got antibiotics and a drug for the thyroid and a Nsaid for pain. Checking his blood sugar the next day I found he was at the low end of normal. Seems the high blood sugar was just from the stress of a night at the vets.

He didn't seem to feel any better and Sunday he started having trouble walking. Brought him back to the vets yesterday and he has cancer in his spine. The dorsal spine (where the muscles attach) of L3 was already eaten away. By last night he was fully paralysed in the hind quarters.

He is drugged up on synthetic opioids and has an appetite. We are spending our last night with him.
Oh arse, I am so sorry to hear that! Much love to you and your family and Kitty aka Mr. Cat.
posted by msali 10 June | 07:00
posted by sperose 10 June | 08:30
I'm sorry.
posted by brujita 10 June | 09:03
Oh no. Big hug to you.
posted by bearwife 10 June | 10:09

So sorry, arsey
posted by gaspode 10 June | 10:16
So sorry to hear that. :( hugs to you.
posted by needlegrrl 10 June | 13:24
I am so sorry. Love and hugs to you.
posted by Senyar 10 June | 14:18
Oh no - that's so difficult and heart wrenching. I'm sorry.

Big Hugs to you and yours.
posted by mightshould 11 June | 07:47
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It's a pain like no other. My heart goes out to you.
posted by redvixen 13 June | 18:51
:( sorry for your loss.
posted by Firas 14 June | 03:02
So sorry to hear this. *hugs*
posted by initapplette 15 June | 08:34
Thanks for the thoughts guys. Pic of his last night at home.
posted by arse_hat 16 June | 22:41
Office uniform. || The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Sweet