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08 June 2015

Office uniform. I do a variation of this -- I wear the same pants and shoes every day and rotate about 3 shirts & sweaters.
I wear the same outfit to work almost every day but, so far, my cat hasn't shown me any more respect than usual (i.e. none)
posted by Thorzdad 08 June | 13:01
Yes, I have a few pairs of black pants that are as comfortable as PJs, are almost dry when they come out of the washing machine, never need ironing and - best of all - don't attract pet hair (important when your cat is mostly white). They cost 10 from Matalan (On me they aren't above the ankle as they are on the model, they're the perfect length). I'll cry if they stop selling them. I have a few winter shirts/sweaters and a few summer ones that I wear with them.

Fortunately I'm only in the office 2 days a week so I don't need a lot of office clothing.
posted by Senyar 08 June | 14:55
I wear the same stuff every day but because I am lazy and trying to think that hard in the morning is difficult. I have rotating pairs of jeans, tanks, and long sleeved shirts that I just put on hangers at the beginning of the week. The tanks and shirts are of varying colors, but I tend to stick within a similar color palette so they all fairly match.
posted by sperose 08 June | 17:06
Definitely not a same outfit every day person here. I favor dresses with a cardigan sweater or blazer or classic suits (skirt and trouser), but I shake it up pretty much every day in terms of color, jewelry, etc. There are some basic themes, but many variations. And a lot of clothes and shoes!

It doesn't take me long to get rolling in the AM, though, whether I'm putting my work stuff in my bike bag or picking it out to wear out of the house. I think what goes wrong for people is trying to re-invent their look from scratch daily. I'm always playing a variation on one of my basic themes.
posted by bearwife 08 June | 17:18
Monday to Thursday I pretty much wear the same thing - I have a pair of black boots they are my only 'work' shoes and two pairs of trousers, one dark blue, one beige. I pair these with one of about six business shirts, most of which match either pair of pants. In the winter, it's a black jacket and/or maroon jumper. Friday is an unofficial but universally observed casual dress day, so it's sneakers (only have one pair), one of two pairs of jeans and one of a few polo shirts.

There are some days when I need to wear a suit and I have one black suit with four shirts and two ties that I wear with it.

Of course, as a male, it's much easier for me because nobody notices what I wear. Females are much more likely to be both noticed and judged on what they wear, which is pretty stupid.
posted by dg 08 June | 18:13
Yeah, that's definitely part of it too, dg, at least for me. I work in a warehouse and am the only woman in my office (totaling 4 people). It took my boss only one day to notice I had a new pair of glasses but it took my other 2 coworkers about a month. I dread having to change jobs and actually buy a 'professional' wardrobe.
posted by sperose 08 June | 18:15
I wear a little bit of everything, depending on my mood; except for the weekend job which is at a big box hardware store.

I love dresses and skirts because of comfort, but they don't really work for me since I never know when I'm going to need to go to a jobsite for my weekday job. But, I do wear a bunch of different stuff - nothing too fancy since it's a production office and I almost never see clients.

And, what I'm doing now is weeding out all of the business meeting type clothes that I used to need in my previous job. It's hard in a way because I really had some nice looking blazers that I absolutely never need, and lots of good-fitting skirts. I'm getting rid of all the nice "date" clothes since I don't need those either.
posted by mightshould 09 June | 09:06
Our office uniform is jeans and a t-shirt so I pretty much just grab one of each as I'm getting dressed in the morning.
posted by octothorpe 10 June | 07:06
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