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27 March 2015

To Do List for the Weekend [More:]*Get to IKEA and purchase floor lamp and laptop desk
*Craft night at church
*Get to Lowe's for lightbulb, and possibly wood & tools to add wooden top to laptop desk. I know nothing about tools so this could be an adventure. I might put this project off until a future date.
*Swimming lessons with O
*Easter Egg hunt at the park in the next town over
*Study for Monday's Healthcare Econ midterm
*Grocery shopping
*Saturday morning vacuumning - just bought a new HEPA filter for my Dirt Devil so I'm expecting AMAZING results
*Palm Sunday breakfast, egg hunt, and church service

What are you up to?
This weekend is packed with agenda items so my to do list will be tough to accomplish. It includes

Make my volunteer appointment tomorrow (which means leaving by 9:45 am, not returning until about 5 pm.)
"Posse" dog walk Sunday AM in the park
My every other Sunday massage
Run 8 miles
Sunday float appointment
Pick up drain unclogger
Grocery shop and make a lunch dish for next week
posted by bearwife 27 March | 12:07
- Buy Easter chocolate. I have to source some Halal chocolate for my new team at work, but I think Cadbury's is Halal these days. I'll look it up. And I have to buy chocolate bunnies, chicks or lambs because Easter eggs are Haram (sinful) even if the chocolate is Halal. It's all so complicated and offence can so easily, but unintentionally, be caused. But I will also buy Easter eggs for friends too.
- Bikram Yoga
- Tidy the garden
- Do some ironing. Most of my clothes need little or no ironing, but all my work shirts that need to be ironed have piled up.
- Buy some nice food at the farm.
posted by Senyar 27 March | 13:15
Tomorrow morning I'm taking Henry to a birthday party. It's only the second time that one of his school friends has invited him to a birthday party (he's two and a half) and I'm looking forward to maybe getting to know some of the other parents better.

After the party, Henry will probably fall asleep in the car and I'll drive around for a while killing time and going through the Starbucks drive-thru so that he gets a decent nap, which he refuses to take at home anymore.

On Sunday, we're taking the kids to an Easter egg hunt. Last year Henry had no clue what was going on and was scared of the Easter bunny; I think he'll enjoy it more this year. Sasha will like people-watching.
posted by amro 27 March | 16:36
Ooh, I almost forgot, Sunday night I'm going to watch Going Clear on HBO. I read the book (and a few other books about Scientology and Hubbard), so I'm really looking forward to it.
posted by amro 27 March | 16:42
Mostly just general chores and such. I'm in a bit of a dance lull at the moment, so I should make sure to do some runthroughs of choreographies and make sure my costumes are in good shape.
posted by sperose 27 March | 19:18
Oh God, EVERYTHING. My parents suddenly announced that they are selling their home of 20 years to move back to my mom's hometown... and a 4,000sf farmhouse with five outbuildings.Which means that they still have to get rid of all of the weird little crap so they can put their house on the market in three weeks. SO MUCH TO DO.

And their sale means that they will have money to loan us for a down payment so WE can go house hunting. Meanwhile, our apartment is a total pit, just as the baby is about to start crawling (and has started going to sleep two hours later).

I am totally going to watch Going Clear, too.

Wish I could take off spring break like the students, but... oh, right, I took off three weeks ago and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in LA. (Was out there for something that ultimately didn't pan out. Lovely.

Chicken with the head cut off, man.
posted by Madamina 27 March | 21:00
I've had five days off work this year. I may take off Thursday for a get things done or crash day/weekend.

I need to get outside things 'in order, but the list is so long and it's in my head and jumbled, so I will possibly do nothing.
posted by mightshould 28 March | 04:09
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