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27 March 2015

Friday question from the Book of Questions Imagine your house contains all you own and catches on fire. After saving your loved ones and pets, you can safely make a dash to save one item. What, if anything, would it be?
Very tough question for me. Most things are replaceable but not my parent's wedding album, their pictures and diplomas, or our few pieces of original art. It would probably be one of those things.
posted by bearwife 27 March | 12:04
The portable hard disk that holds the back-up of my computer, because it has pretty much every photo of my kids on it. That's about it - everything else is just stuff.
posted by dg 27 March | 15:33
Family photos.
posted by amro 27 March | 16:25
Backup drive. (There's also one in my allegedly 'fireproof' box, but I'd rather have the original if possible.)
posted by sperose 27 March | 18:54
I'd grab the drawer that contains both my old family photos (some of them from the 1880s and my backup drive, which has all my later photos on it.

For some reason this question has made me feel anxious about losing everything in a fire.
posted by Senyar 28 March | 03:27
My guitar. If can carry two, then two guitars. They will come in handy later on, when I mourn my books and journals.
posted by mule 28 March | 18:09
I keep all the family photos in the detached garage in water-proof bins just because of this eventuality. Digital stuff is all backed up to various clouds. I might grab my pocket watch which is my great-grandfather's. Everything else could be replaced.
posted by octothorpe 29 March | 14:23
Tough one. There are simply too many photos scattered around to save (and, I don't really care about them very much). Important papers are in a firebox. Maybe my childhood teddy bear?
posted by Thorzdad 30 March | 08:45
No hesitation about this one - my main musical instrument.
posted by altolinguistic 30 March | 08:58
Oooh yes, Thorzdad, how could I forget Teddy Edward?!
posted by Senyar 31 March | 09:57
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