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20 March 2015

Friday Question from the Book of Questions What do you wear when you sleep?
Soft, warm PJs. All that really changes during the year is that in warmer weather I wear lighter or short sleeved PJs or, when it is quite warm, a light short nightgown.
posted by bearwife 20 March | 13:26
I prefer a nightie to PJs. Long-sleeved in the winter, short-sleeved in summer. I have a couple of long-sleeved full-coverage things that look like the kind of thing you see old crones wearing in the movies. I should get rid of them really, because since going through the menopause, I don't feel the cold much any more.

The only time I wear PJs is, curiously, when it's really hot. I was given a tip years ago on sleeping in very hot weather. (In the UK we don't as a rule have air-con in our homes.) If you sleep on top of the covers wearing light, but loose long-sleeved PJs, that'll keep you cooler than sleeping under a sheet wearing less (or nothing). It works for me, I can sleep when it's really hot and if I wake in the night, because my arms and legs are covered, I'm not freezing cold. There's apparently some science behind it.
posted by Senyar 20 March | 14:28
Nothing, ever. I can't stand to wear anything when I sleep. Except when I sleep on the train on the way home (apparently it upsets other commuters).
posted by dg 20 March | 16:40
Tshirt and cotton sweats/pajama bottoms. Sometimes naked.
posted by brujita 20 March | 20:15
A ratty old t-shirt. Usually a cotton one from a race.
posted by gaspode 20 March | 20:36
Briefs. In the winter I add a t-shirt. I'm usually too hot, especially my feet.
posted by octothorpe 20 March | 21:25
posted by pjern 21 March | 11:41
Matching pj's. It's the only time in my life when I am fashionable. No, I am not joking. My socks rarely match, but my sleepwear always does. I have a thing for pajamas.
posted by msali 21 March | 17:31
Old t shirt & underwear. Gotta keep my legs free for squirming
posted by chewatadistance 21 March | 17:37
long sleep pj sets in winter/spring, short sleeve pj sets the rest of the time
posted by bluesapphires 21 March | 19:33
PJs! Rarely matching. Even when I have matching sets, I break 'em up. But that could be due to not owning any sets I really love at the moment. These days it's grey stripped PJ pants and a variety of tank tops. I was wearing them all winter thanks to postpartum hormones that gave me the night sweats (I'd wake up in a wet, cold shirt if I wore anything with a neck or sleeves). That finally seems to be over, maybe I can think about real shirts again.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 March | 20:57
I keep the house cold at night - 60ish. So in winter, flannel PJs, usually plaid. I also change into these as soon as I'm in for the night. In summer, short sleeve PJ sets. I've never understood nighties - I'd wake up with them bunched around my armpits (mobile sleeper).
posted by Miko 21 March | 23:02
For most of my adult-ish life (i.e. college years and beyond) I slept commando. A few years ago, I was laid-up in bed nursing a particularly demonic cold/flu thing, and started wearing a t-shirt in bed for a bit of coziness during the day. I've been wearing only a t-shirt to bed ever since. I can't stand anything more, though. It just feels weird and confining.
posted by Thorzdad 22 March | 07:47
It depends. Is anybody else there?
posted by JanetLand 22 March | 07:50
Sometimes a tee-shirt. Sometimes a satin sleep shirt. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes panties, sometimes not. When I was really sick recently, I wore fleece leggings and a long sleeved top - very unlike me, as I tend to get warm while sleeping. I used to wear lacy things when I was married, but honestly they were rather uncomfortable and not great for sleeping in. I guess it all depends on my mood at the moment!
posted by redvixen 22 March | 19:57
I wear t-shirts during the day, so typically I will take off my bra and wear that t-shirt, over my underwear.
posted by Madamina 22 March | 21:58
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