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06 March 2015

Somebody lend me $200K, I need this house. I've been admiring this place for years and now it's on sale. The view is amazing from up there.
So cute!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 March | 15:43
Nice! Cute outside and the view is a knockout. Bet it is pretty at night too.
posted by bearwife 06 March | 16:20
Not even remotely close to being my cup of tea, but it's certainly a lovely example and $195k seems like a very low price.
posted by dg 06 March | 22:02
It's a pretty high price around these parts, the median home price is only $131,000 in Da 'Burgh. People often buy houses in cash here.
posted by octothorpe 07 March | 08:26
It's the sort of house I'd like to visit at Christmas. It's pretty but not my style. As dg says, it seems like a good price.
posted by Senyar 07 March | 08:33
If one must live in a big city, that's the way to do it.
posted by JanetLand 07 March | 11:47
Oh, that is a beauty. My favorite period. God, Pittsburgh real estate must be cheap! Wow.
posted by Miko 08 March | 22:25
I'm amused that everyone thinks that $200K is cheap for a house. Not everywhere is New York or SF.
posted by octothorpe 09 March | 15:55
We know :(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 March | 16:12
Yes, that is my style, and I would totally live there.

and it's cheap :)
posted by gaspode 10 March | 08:29
Or Boston/Eastern Mass. I live in a close Boston suburb and I bought my house 21 years ago for under $140K. Those days are but a dream now.
posted by initapplette 10 March | 16:54
I've also lived in NJ, Philadelphia, Maine, New Hampshire and North of Boston, and couldn't buy a house for [the equivalent of today's] $200K in any of those places. There are places in the Northeast you can buy houses cheaply, but they tend to be places without many jobs and no tourism economy.
posted by Miko 10 March | 19:33
Oh my, I love the house and the view. But I've been away from Maine for 6 months and am missing it so much, so even though Pittsburgh has an awful lot to offer, maybe I could move the house to Maine? I have a nice view.
posted by theora55 11 March | 17:25
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