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02 March 2015

21st Century Problem... [More:]My mom passed away in June 2013, and today is her second birthday since she died. Her Facebook page is still up, and it's nice that on her birthday some people post messages on her wall that they are remembering her today, or missing her. But the dipshits who post, "Happy birthday Gail, have a great day!" annoy the crap out of me. I guess it's nice to wish your Facebook friends a happy birthday when you get that notification, but if they haven't posted much in the last few years, maybe scroll down a little on their page and check to make sure that they're still alive!
Last year someone actually posted, "Hope it's the best year ever!" I messaged her to tell her my mom died and she removed it.
posted by amro 02 March | 10:04
Ugh, nightmare. It's enough to make a person want to stop wishing Happy Birthdays all together.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 02 March | 10:21
eek that is rough. Sorry that you are dealing with it.
posted by rmless2 02 March | 12:10
If you "memorialize" her page, then the page will stay up but it will no longer accept new friend requests or send out birthday messages. You can do this, especially as her relative. I think you have to send them a link to an obituary, or something like that, and it happened within a day or two. I did this with my aunt, because I couldn't bear the thought of seeing her next birthday notification.

They actually have two options: you can either memorialize the page or delete it entirely. I like the memorialize one, because that way her photos and thoughts don't every go away.
posted by Melismata 02 March | 13:37
Everything hurt in the first couple of years after my mom died, right down to getting marketing emails for Mother's Day. Melismata's suggestion will at least help solve the FB issue (which highlights yet again how shallow the "friend" relationships there are.)
posted by bearwife 02 March | 16:09
I have at least three late friends on LinkedIn and every year I get these "Congratulate Dave on 9 years at Blah Company" emails.

I made sure to share my passwords with my wife to make sure that she can shut that stuff down once I shuffle off.
posted by octothorpe 02 March | 21:16
Ugh, that has to hurt to see. I also like Melismata's suggestion. I've seen the same thing on my late former husbands Facebook page: Lots of "Happy Birthday in Heaven" but the occasional "Happy Birthday, have a good one!" from people who just see his name on the birthday notices and respond.
posted by redvixen 03 March | 17:10
As if this winter needed to get more absurd. || The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Points