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06 February 2015

(After a hiatus) Friday Question from the Book of Questions Were you able to wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, would you do so? If so, whose body would you choose?
This one is surprisingly tough for me. I've often wished for a body that was better looking, or athletically gifted, or (as I age) had better longevity genes. On the other hand, the older I get the more attached I also am to my own familiar environs. (Also, obviously there is the severe ethical issue of what happens to the soul currently in the desired body.) So I guess I'd pass.
posted by bearwife 06 February | 13:46
I would be frightened out of my goddamn wits, that's what.

Then I would go about in the world and live the other person's life I guess...
posted by Firas 06 February | 14:18
That girl on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated (assuming everything else -- my personality, memories, and current family/life -- would remain the same). I never could rock a bikini like that, not even in my so-called "Glory Days." It would be nice to be so young again, too. Ah, if only. I didn't appreciate it the first time around.

(I suspect my hubby wouldn't object. ; )
posted by Pips 06 February | 14:43
Hmmm, some sort of Olympic athlete, I think. I'd love to see how gymnastics feels, or really fast running. Or pole vaulting? So many options. Hopefully their muscle memory would make up for the fact that I don't know what I'm doing.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 February | 15:20
When I was a kid, I went through a period where I wanted to be a boy, so that I could pee standing up.
posted by Melismata 06 February | 16:19
It would be nice to be in the body of someone with good eyes and back. I have neither. I'll also take a body that is pain-free.
posted by Thorzdad 06 February | 16:39
I would love to wake up in the body of an amazing dancer. I love to dance and dance with enthusiasm, but I fear I probably look like an enormous dork. I don't really care how I look, because it doesn't really matter, but DAMN, I would like just once be able to move my body all this way and that way and shake my goddamn ass like a fly girl.
posted by msali 06 February | 17:02
msali beat me to it. I'd love to be Sylvie Guillem for a day.
posted by Senyar 06 February | 17:24
I'd love to go back to a younger me, knowing all I do now about my future - I so regret that I no longer have the flexibility and endurance of younger years. All I needed to do was not take it for granted and keep at it.
posted by mightshould 06 February | 18:14
I guess it depends on whether I wake up in their body with their life or with my life. Like mightshoud, waking up with my 20 year-old body would be pretty cool but I'm not sure I'd like to take over someone else's body.
posted by dg 06 February | 19:22
≡ Click to see image ≡

Sebastien Chabal.

Because then I would be king of bodies and king of beards.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 February | 08:54
At the moment I would pick anyone who doesn't have gallstones.
posted by fancyoats 08 February | 13:28
Ok, this is going to sound completely shallow, but I'd love to wake up in Shakira's body. Beauty, and those bellydance moves! (I try to belly dance, and I enjoy it, but I am not comfortable doing it in front of anyone else, ha ha). Other than that, meh, I'm used to what I have, thank you anyway.
posted by redvixen 08 February | 21:12
Aw, fancycoats, feel better soon!

And I would love to be able to dance like anyone in this video.
posted by msali 09 February | 22:03
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