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29 January 2015

Better, Worse, & Relative Two choices and a meter reading[More:] after answering, come up your own, but the last one is to compare prices because upon checking prices online, I'm wondering what is substantially cheaper locally or in stores or particular stores. For instance, cigarettes use to vary quite a bit, and movie tickets, I'm i'm wondering how jacked up prices are when they seem to be substantially higher for staples as well as, say, perfume. (If something is cheaper at Barneys than Amazon, I wonder.)

Which is worse: child abuse or elder abuse?

Which is better: ok food when you are starving or great food when you're not hungry?

How much is toilet paper? Around $8 for 12 of Scott's "greener" option

Which is worse? While both are terrible, child abuse has longer long term effects, so it gets my vote.

Better: Ok food when starving. Hunger is the best seasoning, etc.

Toilet paper: I buy 48 rolls off Amazon for $21 bucks, no idea what it costs in the store.
posted by apoch 29 January | 08:07
Worse? Child abuse, by a whisker, because of the long-term ramifications.

Better? Ok food when starving. Some of my tastiest meals started out as a 25p packet of ramen.

Toilet paper : I buy a 9-pack of double roll Cushelle (Charmin in the USA) which is 8.50 a pack. It's equivalent to 18 normal rolls.
posted by Senyar 29 January | 11:48
Worse? I'd have to go with child abuse, but only because children are perhaps marginally less able to fend for themselves.

Better? OK food when starving, but that may be me not being anything of a 'foodie' so I wouldn't appreciate great food anyway. For me, 'great food' most often means 'convenient to prepare'.

Toilet paper? I usually buy the Quilton 24 pack of rolls, currently at AU$12.00, which equates to AU$0.26 per 100 sheets (I love mandatory unit pricing)
posted by dg 29 January | 15:41
Worse? Child abuse definitely, you're PTSD for the rest of your life, there's less of that for old fogeys (like me... I expect to be abused some before I pass away)

Better? OK food when starving, when I'm not hungry it doesn't matter how good, it goes in a doggy bag

Toilet paper: well, I'm going to Vons/Safeway this weekend for 12 'double-sized' rolls of Storebrand ("compare to Charmin") Bath Tissue for $5.99US "Club Price" (remember your ID card so we can trace how much you use)
posted by oneswellfoop 29 January | 19:06
The abused children will grow up to abuse their elders. Disney calls this "The circle of life."

Depends if "starving" is an exaggeration meaning "ravenously hungry" or we're talking about actual starvation.

Not all toilet paper is the same. But I buy it like it is and discover later. I buy it like a child and experience it like an elder.

posted by Obscure Reference 30 January | 07:55
I am so going to name a cat Cushelle.
posted by JanetLand 30 January | 08:10
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