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25 December 2014

What are you having for lunch today?
I cooked! Just for me, vegetarian wife and 1yo baby. Had roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots; steamed sprouts and broccoli; roast chicken thighs; brie & tomato tartlets; Yorkshire pudding; Quorn sausages. Then my Mum's Christmas pud.

Went pretty well except the Yorkshires took too long and had to be served halfway through the meal, I think because I had to keep opening the oven door.
posted by TheophileEscargot 25 December | 11:24
I made Puerco Pibil, using achiote paste bought in the supermarket near gaspode's, and smuggled into the UK. I didn't marinate the pork for as long as the recipe called for, but it turned out great, falling-apart tender. I had it with black beans cooked with onions, garlic and cumin, rice, salsa, avocado, a couple of tortillas and lots of cilantro.

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I made a trifle but I'm too full to have any. I'm going to a friend's house shortly, and she has trifle there, so I know I'll get to have some this afternooon :-D
posted by Senyar 25 December | 11:25
I'm famished just reading about your meals. It's too early here, but Mom is cooking garlic crusted beef roast, Yorkshire pudding and green beans.
posted by mightshould 25 December | 11:40
We just had dinner. Using the silver cutlery, the porcelain dishes, the crystal glasses. Just like kerstmis has been since I was a toddler.
posted by jouke 25 December | 12:51
We are skipping lunch for now, because we had a breakfast casserole after we opened gifts. We will have an early dinner, comprised of the traditional dishes we generally consume at this time of year - turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce. I have ended up cooking most of it myself, despite being at my SIL's house. She took ill last night, so I have stepped up to cook (which is totally fine, I actually prefer my cooking to hers, lol). The one change I have managed to slip in is the America's Test Kitchen pumpkin pie. Other than that, I have no leeway to switch up the menu at all. I managed to cram Brussels sprouts down their throats about five years ago, and they were found to Be Good and they were allowed to stay in the rotation. My new pumpkin pie was eyed with suspicion, but has also been bestowed with the title of Good Enough for Christmas so I made it this morning.

If anyone gets peckish before dinner, we have dozens and dozens of cookies to snack on. Oh! And last night I made kremsnita that turned out really nicely. I could eat the whole pan on my own.

posted by msali 25 December | 13:19
We are about to have my husband's best in the world eggs benedict before opening the presents.. The appetizer was a mom in laws homemade cinnamon rolls. Family feasting and an update on food will be in about seven hours.
posted by bearwife 25 December | 13:25
We had bagels and lox, with capers, red onion and lemon wedges for lunch. And candy. And mimosas. Then some more candy.
posted by fancyoats 25 December | 16:53
We're still grazing on leftovers and stocking stuffer snacks. I finally managed to brine a pork loin roast and it's been heavenly.

posted by lysdexic 25 December | 17:22
I made a lasagna with chanterelle mushrooms as my main course. A nice salad to start and all paired with a Flemish Sour Brown ale.
posted by kodama 25 December | 19:40
We skipped lunch. Had pikelets for breakfast as we do every Christmas, and that usually keeps us full until dinner, as long as we snack a little during the day. So I guess lunch was a coffee from starbucks and a bite of my husband's pizza slice as we were walking to Rockefeller Center to look at the tree?
posted by gaspode 26 December | 00:49
We had roast turkey, cheesy potatoes (gaspode's recipe), and brussel sprouts with french-fried onions. Mmmmmmmm.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 December | 07:25
Merry Christmas, all! || Neil DeGrasse Tyson wins Twitter for Christmas day