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24 December 2014

A time of joy, a time of sadness [More:]
At this time of year let us spare a thought for our friends who are sad over the holidays, in particular mightshould, for whom Christmas Eve holds such bad memories.

On Christmas Day I think of George, whose birthday it would have been, and I wonder how different my life would have been as a farmer's wife in Ohio.

We are all on our paths, and sometimes there are things we can change, but other times we have to play the hand we're dealt and the cards we're holding are crappy ones.

I don't intend to bring people down, but please remember that this isn't a time of joy for everyone. As for me, I will be spending the holidays partly with friends and partly by myself (through choice - I had lots of invitations, but I find being at someone's house all day can be tiring and a bit stressful).

Enjoy the day, however you choose to spend it.
And so it is not all doom and gloom, here is a puppy at her doggy daycare who is dancing with joy at the sight of her owner.

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posted by Senyar 24 December | 04:58
A dog with a smaller version of himself made out of his fur
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posted by jouke 24 December | 09:01
I can't imagine, Senyar. Thinking of you.
posted by amro 24 December | 09:52
Senyar, thank you so much for this post. You are so not alone in deliberately declining the invitation of others. What a strange life this is. *hugs*
posted by Melismata 24 December | 11:18
Love to you, Senyar, and all the bunnies!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 December | 13:24
Working out
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posted by jouke 24 December | 14:20
Thanks Senyar - it's important, for sure, to remember that today is not a day of joy for everyone. While no big thing in comparison to the memories and 'what might have been' that others deal with every Christmas morning, not being with my kids on Christmas morning reminds me that many people don't get to experience those happy feelings that are seen as mandatory by most.
posted by dg 24 December | 16:42
Good thoughts to you, dg. This has been a tough year for you.
posted by Senyar 25 December | 04:34
Hugs to dg and senyar.
posted by mightshould 25 December | 11:42
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