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12 December 2014

(Non grim) Friday Question from the Book of Questions What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?
I'm getting way too easy. Almost anything that involves my Bear and me hanging out is perfect by me. It is extra perfect when the dog is on my lap sharing my popcorn.
posted by bearwife 12 December | 18:32
I'm getting way too easy. Almost anything that involves my Bear and me hanging out is perfect by me. It is extra perfect when I'm in my Lazy Girl chair, wearing something comfy and warm, there's a glass of red wine by my elbow and the dog is on my lap sharing my popcorn.
posted by bearwife 12 December | 18:33
It depends. For me a perfect evening would be spending time with friends at the theatre (seeing my favourite musical, Sweet Charity), followed by a late dinner. I usually drive into town, but as this is a perfect evening, I would have a car, a luxurious one with wifi, nice drinks and snacks, to drive me there and back.

But right now, trying to shake off a cold, a perfect evening is the one I'm having today - wrapped up warmly on the sofa, watching TV, with a fridge full of food, a purring cat and a visiting fox who's just had his dog treats.
posted by Senyar 12 December | 19:53
A good night's sleep. I have not been sleeping well, and it's ususlly not even the baby waking me up. I blame postpartum/breastfeeding hormones. That and staying up too late.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 December | 21:39
So hard to choose. At this stage of life, a perfect evening could be one at home,, coming home from work or errands, putting on some mellow music, sitting on the couch and looking at the Christmas tree, having a yummy dinner magically appear (or maybe just something easy like sliced salami, cheese, and bread) having a glass of bourbon neat and watching a movie with my sweetheart. Hard to beat
posted by Miko 13 December | 00:01
A night of volunteer work with a group that supports (in a very real hands on way) at risk youth at the theatre then beers with friends and then reading on the patio for two or three hours before curling up with my girl with the big white cat wedged between us and the black cat at my feet.
posted by arse_hat 13 December | 01:37
The perfect evening would be to relive the night before my wedding. My sister hosted a big catered party at her house for all of the out of town guests. It wasn't that the event was about me; it was great because so many of the people who are important to me were all gathered together in one place. I got to hang out with my closest friends and all of my family, and eat great food, and sneak tiny sips of wine (I was 4 months pregnant) and just generally revel in the company. The party lasted several hours but felt like 45 minutes. It was over too fast. At least a few of the people who were there that night are no longer with us. But if I could have the perfect evening, I would re-create that night with all those people there.
posted by Kangaroo 13 December | 09:46
Honestly, a perfect evening these days for me is just putting on comfy clothes and relaxing with a good book, the computer on, and the tv on in the background (I feel most at ease multitasking). I'll usually have a cat or two curled up on me as well. It's nicer if my Beau can be here with me, but when he can't, I'm okay with that too.
posted by redvixen 13 December | 17:48
Drinking, dancing, chatting with friends, watching the sunset and/or sunrise and some stargazing.
posted by lysdexic 14 December | 02:29
Soaking in a big tub, listening to jazz while enjoying nice wine and cheese and reading one of those books you can't put down.

Cat sits nearby to make sure I don't fall asleep.
posted by mightshould 14 December | 06:09
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