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26 September 2014

Friday Question from the Book of Questions If you go to a movie with a friend and it is lousy, do you leave? Have you? If so, for which films?
My answer to this is yes. I did walk out years ago on Last Tango in Paris. (I wanted to walk out on An American Werewolf in London, because I was scared to death and I hate scary movies, but we didn't and I'd never call that film lousy.) On the other hand, if a movie is really bad it is often fun to stick around and laugh -- two good examples of that are Tango and Cash and Face/Off.
posted by bearwife 26 September | 10:55
I've walked out of The Goodbye Girl, something about ancient aliens, one of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films and a few others and I have left people behind.
posted by arse_hat 26 September | 11:39
So far, I've never walked out of a movie.
posted by octothorpe 26 September | 12:28
I don't walk out of movies either, but then I usually choose carefully.
posted by Senyar 26 September | 13:16
I can't imagine walking out of a movie, maybe because I go so infrequently, but I've left a stage show or two at intermission.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 September | 13:50
No, I've never walked out on a movie. I only go about once or twice a year and it's a treat for me, so I choose carefully and I'm staying to the end to get my money's worth, no matter how bad it is ;-)
posted by dg 26 September | 17:15
Yes. We walked out of one of the Batman movies. All I remember is the penguin was in it. Bored to tears.
posted by chewatadistance 26 September | 18:23
Just once that I can think of, which was Howard Stern's Private Parts (and I was like 16, so right in the target audience). I left during the 2nd half of a double-feature at the drive-in a few times in high school, but that was mostly because someone was too drunk and/or we had curfews to maintain. We drank a *lot* at the drive in.
posted by ufez 26 September | 19:00
Nah, even a bad movie's generally fun for me. I love to go to the movies. I tend to only go to the theatre for big, special-effects blockbusters, though. Otherwise, I wait for Netflix. There's a theatre here in Queens with reclining seats I've wanted to try. I haven't been to the movies in a long, long time -- years, come to think of it. (How does that happen?)
posted by Pips 26 September | 19:43
Oh hey, I remembered a movie I walked out of. Monster's Ball, in college. Four of us went, only one made it to the end. Too violent for me.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 September | 19:56
Nope. I'm another person for whom going to the movies is a treat, and I choose very carefully.
posted by gaspode 26 September | 20:13
Yes. Yes. Interview with a Vampire.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 September | 20:25
I've left but not because the movie was lousy, that I remember. I've been to horrible movies where I looked at the person I was with an "Are you serious?' assessment. I've stayed for the oblivious person of poor taste who chose the movie, such bad movies. I have endured horrible movies but gotten stellar rants out of them, but not for ages, probably because I stopped going to movies with that person.

I've fallen asleep during movies, not counting my first one, because I was four. Maybe just a movie, the same Batman was chewie's, possibly. I kept falling asleep and it kept going on, and I'm not a fall asleep anywhere type of person. I forget the conditions, but the only other times I've just fallen asleep have to do with extreme sleep deprivation or chemicals.

I have a lot of experience enduring boring, uncomfortable social events. Sitting in the dark is nothing compared to trying to graciously navigate conversation with some form of imbecile.
posted by ethylene 27 September | 00:07
I walked out of Last Year at Marienbad.
posted by brujita 27 September | 01:34
Oh, I loved Monster's Ball. Great movie (saw it at home, though). Gee, you probably wouldn't like many of my favorite movies, pinky -- Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, Midnight Cowboy, True Romance, Reservoir Dogs. Too violent? You miss a lot of good movies that way. I never figured you for the shrinking violet type. ; )

Yes. Yes. Interview with a Vampire.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 September | 20:25

That's just because he is one. ; )
posted by Pips 27 September | 07:18
I am! Real life is frightening enough.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 September | 07:35
I would if it were really tedious, but like some others here, I rarely go to the movies and really only see things that I am sure I'll get something out of, based on trailers and reviews. On the other hand, I've stopped innumerable DVDs and streaming movies midway because they weren't worth it.
posted by Miko 27 September | 10:25
Brando's character in LTiP was pretty much like the guy who was using me at Emerson.


I was glad when he was shot at the end.
posted by brujita 27 September | 12:19
Huh. Guess I can stop trying watch it?
Maybe I should just wiki all the books I think I should read and films I should watch that I'm never in the mood for. We live in a marvelous age of wondrous options. For instance, I accidentally know the end of Jude the Obscure from reading the comments of You're the Worst. Would have never thought that was really in the book. The world is choking with spoilers that you don't recognize yet.

Not having a thing that selects my media consumption through my inertia, I get so little random input, like crap movies with great actors, really different music or bizarre tv shows.
posted by ethylene 27 September | 12:31
My friend at the time Rachel and I walked out on Bridges of Madison County. It was liberating, and the only time I've ever done it.
posted by rainbaby 27 September | 19:05
I almost walked out of The Drop this afternoon. It was soooooo boring and I wasn't feeling great. I stuck it out though.

I walked out of the Ray Charles biopic and the movie Hero.
posted by mullacc 27 September | 21:50
I believe I've only walked-out of one movie in my life...Rust Never Sleeps, the Neil Young concert movie. God, it was horrible. And boring. It didn't help that it was midnight show and the audience was populated with hard-core Young fans. I especially recall one guy constantly loudly letting everyone know "I was there, man!"
posted by Thorzdad 29 September | 14:42
Rust Never Sleeps

Loved that movie. Saw it twice.
posted by Miko 29 September | 19:07
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