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18 September 2014

Update Dear Bunnies - [More:]
I am sitting here with the first infusion of drugs in my system (finally). It has seemed like forever to get to this point. Yesterday I got Ipilimumab, which is called Yervoy (UHR-voy, which is how the nurse pronounced it). I had never been in a "chemo" room before. . .

Three more doses of this drug, 3 weeks apart. Then I wait a few weeks then get scanned. If needed, then a course of the newer drug, which just got approved and the name of which escapes me.

The last radiation appt was on Tuesday of this week, and they tell me that I could be wiped out from this for another two weeks then slowly improve. I still have back pain when I am up and still wear this humongous brace, and will into October. I am up more and more though, and a bit more active as time goes on. When I am lying in bed, still, I feel no pain, and have moments when I feel like my old athletic self, able to do stuff I had been doing. Then I get up and remember. :-) Well, hopefully I will get some of this back.

So now, paying a lot of small bills (thank goodness for good insurance!), watching for side effects, naps, resting, reading, eating and going to the gym for "executive workouts" (steam room and shower) are what mostly comprise my days.

Thank you all for the continued interest and support. I have tried to winnow this list to those who have stated the desire to be on it. Although a few of you, I have not given the choice. :-)

Vicki continues to be heroic. . .I would not be making it through this without her.

More later. . .
danf, thanks for the update. I think of you all the time and have been sending good healing thoughts your way. This sounds like positive news and you're moving forward. Wishing you continued progress and many good days ahead. Please put me on whatever update list you've got going. I care a lot and want to know how you're doing.
posted by Kangaroo 18 September | 17:20
I was lazy and just pasted an email in here. Hey I have cancer. I can do stuff like that. :-)
posted by danf 18 September | 17:51
Thanks for checking in! We are here for you ::hugs::
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 September | 18:10
Good to hear things are moving forward, best of luck man.
posted by apoch 18 September | 18:32
Yeah, man! You are still alive and fucking kicking! So glad to hear that!
posted by Eideteker 18 September | 19:57
All the good vibes to you, dan. All of them.
posted by ufez 18 September | 20:56
Dan. You are number 3 in my chemo good wishes group but I send out the same good thoughts to all of you. Damn. And hugs to your family too.
posted by arse_hat 19 September | 00:54
Thanks so much for bringing all the bunnies up to speed, Dan. We are all thinking of you and wishing for the best.
posted by bearwife 19 September | 10:48
Glad to hear some news! I'm really glad that you sound well under the circumstances!
posted by richat 19 September | 19:52
Pulling for ya, Dan, always--

And thanks so much for letting us know how you're doing. You're often in our thoughts--
posted by Pips 19 September | 23:01
Glad things are getting somewhat better. Please keep us informed.
posted by Obscure Reference 20 September | 10:13
I'm thinking of good outcomes for you and your family.

posted by mightshould 20 September | 11:48
Hi Danf, thanks for the update. And like Eide says, you're alive & fucking kicking! Hope there's a cat or dog keeping all of you company through the journey as well.
posted by chewatadistance 20 September | 13:52
Good thoughts!!!
posted by Twiggy 21 September | 22:13
Good spirits, Dan. Enjoy those "executive workouts" (that gave me a laugh). Hoping your energy returns fast. Thinking of you.
posted by Miko 22 September | 21:41
Thanks for the update and keep on kicking the arse of cancer!
posted by dg 23 September | 05:17
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