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02 September 2014

Danf how ya doing? Keeping you in my thoughts.
I've been thinking about you too. Hope all is going as well as can possibly be.
posted by Miko 02 September | 20:33
Thirded. I hope he is feeling well.
posted by msali 03 September | 07:28
posted by rmless2 03 September | 09:56
I got this email from him 7 days ago:

Dear Friends -

I had my third session of radiation today, followed by a followup to the neurosurgeon. I came away quite pissed off at the neurosurgeon's assistant, who is whom I saw today, (Is this grammatically correct?) for his attitude that this a fight that I will not prevail in. He did not say as much but his whole bearing shouted it. And the asshole is leaving my staples in for another week.

I do not know the outcome of this, and have not talked about it. I am lucidly aware of all the possibilities here, and I am also working hard to give myself the best possible chance going forward. I am getting really good care and the drugs that await me after radiation have helped people survive Stage 4 melanoma.

The radiation was bumpy to start out with, but now it's really brief, albeit every day for the next several weeks. The bummer is that I have to lay on a hard table right on top of the afore-mentioned staples, which is not comfortable. So far just fatigue, which may still be from the surgery is my only side effect, and I am off pain killers, which has a number of nice little benefits, as some of you are aware.

Vicki hopefully gets her walking papers on Friday (albeit in the boot), although she's her usual amazing self, the stuff that she can do on crutches. I was told that I can drive whenever I feel up to it. So short trips at first, then I'll see how I do.

We both continue to be awed and appreciative of the rides, visits, meals, calls, and all of the other support that we are getting. We are very fortunate to have such friends. I really do not care who knows about this. There are a number of people who should know but don't, so I am OK with the word getting around. I have had people email me out of the blue, and this has been delightful.

So, thank you again.
posted by bearwife 03 September | 15:13
Thank you for sharing Dan's letter, bearwife. He has very much been in my thoughts, and Jon and I are so pulling for him. I certainly understand if he may not feel up to posting/commenting. He sounds feisty as ever. : )
posted by Pips 03 September | 17:05
He is a tough guy. I'm glad to hear how he's doing. I also think of him often and am wishing him well.
posted by Kangaroo 03 September | 17:10
Thank you all.

The same guy took my staples out today, which is a relief.

I am halfway through radiation, and meet with the main oncologist tomorrow. Hopefully a game plan will emerge from there.

I am feeling fairly improved from the surgery. I am walking for about 30 minutes now.

I am also driving short distances, which makes a lot of difference.

After the appt. tomorrow, I will post an update.

Thank you again, Chewie and all. It means much.
posted by danf 03 September | 22:29
Oh, you must feel so much better without the staples in. Thanks for checking in with us, Dan. I hope you don't feel obligated if you are not up to it.
posted by gaspode 03 September | 22:46
Well since I can pretty much sit without pain now, being at a computer is easier. The downside is 6 more weeks with this full-torso brace.
posted by danf 03 September | 23:01
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