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30 August 2014

What are you waiting for?
Labor! But not until my Mom arrives on September 10th! Although that seems very far away.....
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 August | 11:05
posted by arse_hat 30 August | 12:38
Folks to show up for my annual Memorial Day hangout. Small crowd this year which is a little odd, but I held off invitations until probably too late. I've made a ton of food anyhow though.
posted by jessamyn 30 August | 13:16
My wife's hip replacement this Friday.
posted by Obscure Reference 30 August | 13:32
To get this d*n book done.
posted by Miko 30 August | 13:35
I'm waiting gor my 17 y.o. kitty who has failing kidneys to let me know when it's "time". Sometimes he seems fine-ish and then again I think he's done. So far he doesn't have pain or disorientation, so I'm busy catering to his every whim. (I'm SO owned!)
posted by mightshould 30 August | 14:43
Is this the Waiting Room? I though it was just the Lobby.
posted by oneswellfoop 30 August | 15:17
I am invariably waiting for it to be time to eat again.
posted by JanetLand 30 August | 15:37
Well, either I have to sort things out, or I can just wait for The Rapture.
posted by Firas 30 August | 15:38
The knife and Fugazi.
posted by ethylene 30 August | 15:52
I'm waiting for it to be overcome by events so I don't have to worry about it anymore.
posted by Doohickie 30 August | 15:58
Waiting for class to start. I'm taking a college class for the first time in a decade this fall.

It's a photography class so it's not like it's "Models of Software Systems" but it's a real class with tests and homework and grades and such. I'm not doing it for credit but I'm semi-freaked by the idea that I'm going to be in a classroom again.
posted by octothorpe 30 August | 19:05
Psst, Jessamyn: you will be waiting a long time for guests for Memorial Day! Haha.

I am waiting for Monday at 1 pm when my husband is done sleeping after working the night shift three nights in a row. All the credit in the world to single moms and stay at home moms. This #%!* is hard!
posted by amro 30 August | 19:52
For the Mariners to score.
posted by bearwife 30 August | 21:19
My man, $26 in my hand....
posted by brujita 30 August | 22:22
I'll be around, waitin' for you.
posted by Twiggy 30 August | 22:49
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by jouke 31 August | 04:02
A freakin' miracle.
posted by Thorzdad 31 August | 07:37
Retirement. (12 years down, 14 to go *sigh* -- my mom always said you wish your life away, and she oughtta know, being 99 and all. Ah, well. I have to work somewh
posted by Pips 31 August | 12:50
(weird -- don't know how that happened; hope it's not a bad omen *knocks on wood* ; )
posted by Pips 31 August | 12:53
Limits of Autodidacticism || What, if anything, of your household possessions came from the side of the road?