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08 August 2014

Which house would you buy if you HAD to buy one?
Probably the house in Dallas only because it's the only one near a major city. But I like the actual house the least of the group.

The mill house could be cool if it was decorated with some semblance of restraint. But I would hate living in that location.

The Cali house is in beautiful terrain but it's too far inland and the 90s faux-adobe look sucks.

I have spoken.
posted by mullacc 08 August | 09:50
The Dallas house ONLY if I could move the whole kit and caboodle out of Texas.

On the merits, the NY house. Very cool.

I like the California house but I'd much, much prefer an Northern California setting.

But in reality they are al non-starters because I think I am utterly rooted to Washington's soil.
posted by bearwife 08 August | 11:30
I think I would go for the NY house. Look how much cheaper the taxes are! Plus there is a ton of square footage that would be perfect to use as studio space. And a guest house!
posted by fancyoats 08 August | 11:48
Of course, the California house is the worst, because it's the NEW YORK TIMES.
posted by oneswellfoop 08 August | 15:33
eeesh, none of them are really up my alley. OK, if I HAD to buy one, it would be the NY one. It's pretty cool. The way they have decorated is awful, though.
posted by gaspode 08 August | 19:23
That's a tough one. The Dallas house is just annoying in many ways. Plus it's in Dallas. A million bucks seems like a lot for a house that clearly needs a lot of updating. It didn't have a good vibe at all.

The NY house: No way. We lived on a river in our last house and that 2K+ mandatory flood insurance check was very tough to write, year after year. And we weren't as close to the river as that house is. Plus, a 19th century home? Nothing but trouble. And I know the current owners would take away that creepy barber/dentist chair but its ghost would remain.

That leave the California house. I guess if I HAD to buy one of the three I'd channel my inner Wilma Flintstone and buy that one. I like the pool. But it seems awfully remote. And when friends come to visit, there are only 2 bedrooms and probably no decent hotels anywhere close by. Would they even come to visit?
posted by Kangaroo 08 August | 19:41
I'd go with the gristmill but I would need to burn some sage and then redecorate.

The Texas one looks nice of the outside but the bathroom, ugh.

The Cali place does nothing at all for me.
posted by arse_hat 08 August | 20:54
Twenty Thousand Dollars Per Year in taxes on that Dallas home? No Thank You!! I do like the upholstered bench in the kitchen, though.

Love the concept and the grounds of the NY home, but the decorating .. yeah, eesh. And like Kangaroo says, the insurance situation could be a big problem.

The California place .. pings my safety meter. Dirt road, steep driveway ... nope.

May I please keep looking?
posted by initapplette 09 August | 20:52

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 August | 11:18
I don't really like any of them as they are - If I had to pick one it would be the California one but I'd need a couple of extra bedrooms to fit my family in. All of them need a lot of work and look like they haven't had much love for a while (not so much the Dallas one, but it's, well, awful). I like the style of the California place (and the seclusion) though.

Around where I live, you can buy a traditional-style Australian home on 8 acres, a lovely place on the waterfront or my pick (although I'd need to change the tiles in the bathrooms!) for that sort of money.
posted by dg 12 August | 18:15
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