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31 July 2014

Update Nothing really new to report:[More:] but I have a biopsy tomorrow. Today I have to get over to the hospital for all the pre-surgery stuff. My wife being unable to drive is a huge hassle, as we need to arrange rides for everything that I cannot walk or bus to. Bussing over there is possible but it's sort of a long way. There are people available and glad to help, and more will be, once they know.

I actually looked at my CT scan yesterday and it was very chilling to see the tumors in my lungs and liver. The lung specialist (they are going through my windpipe down there to grab whatever they can) did not have a great bed-side manner and was very opaque about possible treatments (I'm just the plumber here) although if it turns out to be lung cancer he's my guy. If its melanoma I have an appt on next Thursday with someone else.

My wife and I came home, both very discouraged, and just sort of laid around in the a/c living room for the rest of the day. It is in the 90's all week which is normal but it is also hard to be outside. I will go for a walk this morning, maybe down to the gym.

My primary advised me yesterday to remove as much animal fat and protein from my diet as possible. I had a totally vegan dinner last night and for whatever reason I hurt just a bit less this morning but it is probably just coincidence.

I should know the biopsy results early next week at the latest then maybe I can start some sort of treatment. I still think that there is a chance that this or that treatment will have at least SOME success, but I have to make it long enough to get there (which I will. . .I am being a bit dramatic).

I have this sort of estranged friend who is a lawyer. I emailed him yesterday apprising him of stuff and asking if I can hire him to do a will. He jumped in and is doing all of it for free, which is nice.

Of course my mood has been all over the place. *Now* is not bad and I am trying to stay there, even amidst all of the logistics. I updated my sister, who was sitting on the beach at San Onofre (she missed the first call as she was out surfing) and she and my brother are still not apprising my mom of anything. I would like for them to ease her into it but they are down there and since I cannot bear to tell her outright, I am leaving it in their hands.

All of the public and private expressions of support are deeply touching and helpful.
Aw, jeez, Danf, I went and looked at your posting history. Haven't been here consistently, so I missed it. What crummy news to have to deal with. I don't have adequate words to express my feelings, but I'm sending a ginormous MeCha hug. I'll send prayer/healing thoughts your way
posted by theora55 31 July | 09:44
Ach. Telling your sister, brother and most of all your mother. That's not easy.
posted by jouke 31 July | 10:40
My sibs and I are all in our 60's now. We have gotten close, with care for our mom, who is 87 and still at home (little brother lives with her).

My sister will likely spend a week or two up here helping out when we really get into this.
posted by danf 31 July | 10:57
Always so good to hear from you, Dan-- Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I hope the treatments buy you years and years (fingers crossed). It must be so hard not having a diagnosis/prognosis yet. My father had two bouts of colon cancer and lymphoma and made it to 85 (he had a bad ticker, having had five heart attacks, too, starting at age 50, and ultimately, it was his heart that gave out). Every case is different, of course. Anyway, lots of hugs to you and your family--
posted by Pips 31 July | 13:29
Watching all your posts and thinking of you, danf. Thank you so much for keeping us informed.

If you want some truly delicious diet options that may help you out medically, I strongly recommend Give me your email and I'll send you my user name and password so you can access the full recipe listing in the Members Center section. It is a clunky website but has a lot of useful info and the aforesaid great recipes.
posted by bearwife 31 July | 14:37
Like others, I'm glad to see the update and hope you'll keep us up to date, as you can. I've barely been around in ages, but I find myself stopping by daily in hopes that there will be some good news for ya.

Sounds like you're doing all you can. Thinking about ya.
posted by richat 31 July | 15:02
Good luck Dan. I've read I don't even know how many charts of lung cancer patients, so this is my guess as to what you can expect:

After the biopsy they'll probably schedule a more invasive surgery where they take out a chunk of your lung, the size depending on the type of the tumor and spread. After that, expect chemo and probably radiation. Some chemo can actually make radiation more effective so you might do a round or two of chemo then get radiation, then more different chemo. Depending on the tumor type radiation may go every weekday for a couple weeks or they may try to do Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy where they hit the tumor with just a massive dose of radiation all in one blorp (that's a technical term, no it isn't, I just thought it might make you laugh).
posted by apoch 31 July | 15:12
I also use Dr Fuhrman's recipes and I think they're great, except for his emphasis on no oils. I like a little olive oil. I'd also recommend juicing too. It delivers maximum nutrition in a glass. I've been juicing for a year and I feel so great.
posted by Senyar 31 July | 17:05
I wish I had some sort of insight but I am here to say I'm thinking of you, and I'm sorry for this rollercoaster you are on.
posted by redvixen 31 July | 20:02
One day a time time. Glad to hear from you!
posted by Miko 31 July | 22:19
Oh man. Best of luck to you.
posted by TheophileEscargot 01 August | 05:48
So sad to hear of this, Dan. You'll be in our thoughts. Stay strong, get better. Wishing you a full future. Hugs.
posted by Hugh Janus 01 August | 07:42
Good luck with this.
posted by Obscure Reference 01 August | 10:15
I'm happy to hear from you; been thinking about you all week. I hope your pain eases up and that you're able to get going on a treatment plan soon. Sending good thoughts your way and please let us know how you're doing.

posted by Kangaroo 01 August | 16:26
I'm glad you feel safe sharing this with your friends here. (We felt so isolated during our experience.)

Be aware that your flesh-side friends will be glad to help and let them know what you need. They really will want to help.

Sending hugs and hope that you find peace in all this chaos.
posted by mightshould 01 August | 18:34
Thanks for the update danf I've been thinking of you & wishing you comfort.
posted by chewatadistance 02 August | 14:00
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