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26 June 2014

Thursday 3-point update 1. I went to see "Chef" tonight, the Jon Favreau movie. It was great, a feel-good film. And of course there was a lot of food in the movie. At one point, when the lid is lifted up on a Texas BBQ and there are four perfect briskets underneath, I groaned out loud. Needless to say, I was starving by the time the movie ended. But luckily for me I was at the mall and the cinema is next to the food court. So I had Vietnamese rice noodles and managed to resist the cakes in Cafe Concerto, the temptation of a custard Bavarian at Krispy Kreme and the gelato place.

2. I am back in the swing of it at Bikram, really feeling the benefit of it. It's only six weeks until my holiday so I think I might do a juice fast next week. I definitely feel and think better when I'm eating properly.

3. My cleaning service comes on Thursdays, and I love coming home to find all my housework done. I wish I'd done this years ago.
Dammit, I forgot the 'more inside'. Sorry!
posted by Senyar 26 June | 19:08
1. Big move to NJ on Saturday! Stynxno has done a great job packing the place up. And he was at the new house today getting the internet/cable TV set up. First time in my adult life I've had cable! Woot woot!
2. O's last day with his daycare is tomorrow. I'm sad :( They've taken such good care of him and he loves them so much; he's always asking for his teachers and friends on the weekend. We've been telling him about the move but I'm not sure he understands the concept. Hopefully he'll adjust well.
3. I had to talk to the DUMBEST WOMAN at work today. Alas, she works with us in a regular fashion, and usually I can avoid her, but there are some issues she's "trying" to work on and she knows nothing. It hurts my head.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 June | 19:24
1. I rode a segway today as part of a team outing. It was pretty neat. Surprisingly the weather was gloriously lovely (sunny, a bit of a breeze and low humidity) so which made it even better to be outside and not in the darn building.

2. I'm off all next week and am so looking forward to it. I will spend it attempting to get my house under control but at least I won't be at work (where I'm having to deal with a former manager's manager who is driving me crazy).

3. Kidlet is growing in leaps and bounds. Sometimes I want to ask her what she did with my little baby. I realized we need to get a new pair of shoes for her this weekend. And she'll be moving up to the next toddler room with the rest of the 16-24 month kids in July.
posted by bluesapphires 26 June | 21:15
1. I'm getting ready for a set of upgrades at work on Friday night. We're basically upgrading every component (database, web server implementation, course software, etc...) of our sites at once. What could go wrong?

2. Since I have apparently lost my mind, I'm preparing to move again before the end of July. Back to NC I go, jiggity-jig. This means dealing with the joys of trying to sell things on craigslist so I can fit everything in the car and keeping my eyes open for tiny cheap apartments.

3. I spent all day Tuesday doing batch cooking to help get my mom started with making/eating actual homemade food again. Long day in the kitchen and mostly just basic stuff, but it was fun. I really need to be cooking more.
posted by sysinfo 27 June | 01:31
1. Last day of kindergarten (and a half day) for my kiddo yesterday. We celebrated by going and watching the USA-Germany match with a bunch of her classmates.

2. Now have to get through a week before our annual vacation in Vermont.

3. (short) race tomorrow morning and a head cold just hit me. I will be slow jogging.
posted by gaspode 27 June | 07:22
1. School's out! Not forever, but for summer. Hooray! It always seems like it will never come. It's been a tough, but okay, year. My students were generally cooperative (not like that class I had last year), and they made a lot of progress (many are English Second Language students or have special needs). My 10th graders took the state English Regents exam this month (a year early), and 85% passed (44 out of 52)! Not bad. (I've had years where 100% passed, but last year, with that one very tough class, only 65% passed -- that's one of the biggest flaws with using test scores in teacher evaluations; the biggest variable is the students -- even students with similar profiles, economically and such, vary greatly). Exhausting as it is, I actually enjoyed teaching more than ever this year. After twelve years, I think I finally figured out a good balance between authority and rapport with the students (I almost never yell. ; ) What made the year hard was this new so-called Teacher Evaluation system. I swear, all that extra money, time, and worry to get the exact same result -- will someone please tell me the difference between saying I'm "Effective" (under the new system) versus "Satisfactory" (under the old system)? Good grief.

2. With the school year behind me, I can look forward to the summer ahead. Last summer I was so exhausted and depressed I spent the first month in bed. This year I made a point of planning lots of fun things to look forward to -- a couple of Broadway shows, US Open tickets, and a couple of great trips. In July I'm going to Taos, New Mexico, for a women's writer's retreat (sounds hokie, I know, but what the heck, should be fun), then in August Jon and I are going to Alaska! We'll stop in Seattle for a couple of days, then fly on to Anchorage for a Land Tour/Cruise Combination with Royal Caribbean. Life could be worse.

3. I'm also trying to take better care of myself, eat better, exercise. Lots of fruits and veggies, eat my meals, but watch the junk, no calorie counting, weighing myself only once a week (I may change this to once a month), what I call "mindful eating." And walking on my treadmill, aiming for a half hour to an hour a day. It's only been two weeks, but I feel better already. Heartburn that used to wake me up at night's gone, I can walk further and somewhat faster, and even that little bit of wheezing I was getting sometimes seems to be gone. Weight loss is slow, but that's okay. I've lost five pounds (only 130 more to go--yikes); slow but sure. I want to live long enough to someday enjoy my retirement!
posted by Pips 27 June | 07:47
1. I am on vacation in Florida.

2. I rode a train all the way from Boston to get here. It was great.

3. It is very very very hot but I don't mind. I do need to buy a hat, however.
posted by JanetLand 27 June | 14:35
1. I am surfacing from a period of feeling exhausted a lot and starting to think about an exercise plan . . . some running and some hot yoga and some bicycling and some walking is what I'm contemplating.

2. I need to be more mindful myself, Pips. I don't eat much but I've drifted away from being 100% nutritarian, which requires some work but also makes me feel really good about what I am eating and how it tastes.

3. The relaxed pace of summer is definitely here and I am savoring it. We leave in a couple of weeks for a longish driving trip on the west coast, and that should be great.
posted by bearwife 27 June | 14:52
sysinfo, you're coming back to NC? gimme a holler!
posted by Stewriffic 28 June | 18:11
1. Had the kidney stone sonic blasted about a week and a half ago. Felt well enough a few days later to

2. See Eddie Izzard in Oklahoma City last weeekend. It was fantastic. So glad I went. Also got to see BFF and her preggo daughter. I keep biting my tongue trying not to overload her with advice.

3. This week I've been progressively weaker and the pain meds haven't been as effective, so today I went to the doc and I still have a kidney infection. The urologist didn't want to see me for another week, but I've already sent a message and I'll be camping out in his waiting room Monday. Not like I have anywhere else to be.
posted by lysdexic 28 June | 20:15
Look at the death stare Ellen Corby is giving this pig. That is a STARE. || Photo Friday: The Letter H