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17 June 2014

Windows 8, you are kind of stupid My new-to-me (off lease) Lenovo laptop came with Win 8, and doesn't perform well. The maintenance in progress indicator has been on all day. So I go to, which unhelpfully tells me
Find Windows Update using your Start Screen Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, then tap Search.
If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, then click Search.
Enter Windows Update in the search box, tap or click Settings, and then tap or click Install optional updates.

But I have disabled the swipening because it was incredibly annoying. Yes, I was able to go to control panel and choose update, but srsly, Microsoft, this wasn't helpful at all.
I just wanted to complain. That is all.
posted by theora55 17 June | 17:41
That's why I made sure the new/used Lenovo was still using Windows 7... I did the same with XP through the entire "Vista period" and a year into "7 time".
posted by oneswellfoop 17 June | 18:34
I have Windows 8 at work and it's mostly usable to run Outlook. For everything else, I use the Ubuntu install running in a VM.
posted by octothorpe 17 June | 20:41
I feel your pain. It's horrible. It's ridiculously horrible.
posted by Miko 17 June | 22:07
At this point 8 should give you the option of going to 8.1. it will take forever to update but it is an improvement and you can make it much like win7.
posted by arse_hat 18 June | 01:58
It's 8.1. still sucks.
posted by theora55 18 June | 17:41
The tile menu - the tile menu is stupid and takes up all the screen space. Apps are just slower version of programs I used to have. Apps take up The Whole Screen. Calculator App - full screen vs. Calc being a puny little window that can sit there and be useful. Notepad app - same deal. I Miss My Start Button and Menu.

I like the solitaires and minesweeper. Minesweeper now wants to take a while to start up, wants me to log in to xbox, and, of course, is full screen, and slower than the old version, which doesn't run on my 64 bit pc. This is regression, not progress. Dolts! It's all being run by dolts, I tell you.

And the swipe from the side deal, just about drove me mad. It popped up all the time, stole the focus, and caused mass aggravation. Really, they just fucked around with Win XP and Win 7 to make it look different enough to sell licenses.
posted by theora55 18 June | 17:46
I Miss My Start Button and Menu.

Have you tried Classic Shell to get back the start menu? I couldn't live without it.
posted by DarkForest 19 June | 07:21
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