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04 June 2014

I watched Lost and vowed never to watch anything by Lindelof again.
To me it felt that he saw inexplicable mystery as the ultimate addictive quality in storytelling. So he never came up with an explanation for a mystery. He just started another, bigger mystery to maintain the addiction.
But at the final episode it turned out he couldn't fulfill the debt he incurred with his audience. Like a narrative Ponzi scheme.

I'm not sure that the metaphor in the article about the magician and not wanting to know how it works instills much faith in me that Lindelof changed his ways...
posted by jouke 04 June | 05:12
You would hate the film Picnic at Hanging Rock, which is about a disappearance that never gets solved.
posted by JanetLand 04 June | 10:49
I thought that article was so interesting, but I wasn't really convinced he wasn't going to end up in the same place with this new show.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 June | 14:02
After Lindelof had contributed to the wrongness that was (were?) "Star Trek Into Darkness" and "Prometheus", I'd think "like Lost" might not be the worst possible scenario. But with the article's emphasis on Lindelof's Faith and Search for Truth, and learning that he identified with Jack on "Lost"*, I worry about him doing anything with something like The Rapture Myth. Even when the original book's author (who's involved with the series) has made clear that this isn't THE Rapture, and (based on reading some reviews, including a love note from Stephen King**) it's not SUPPOSED to be fully resolved or explained... just grown from, which is tough sledding for an ongoing series. So expect to be ultimately unsatisfied.

*in retrospect, Jack did seem a little "Mary Sue"-like... which was one reason, when I was recruited to write a "Lost" article just before the finale, I chose to write about Hurley.

**if you want an example on how NOT to expand a novel into an ongoing series, I offer King's "Under the Dome".
posted by oneswellfoop 04 June | 17:56
Ha Foop, you wrote and thought about Lost professionally. Tx for your input.

You guys/gals' respones made me realise I'm not ready to trust Lindelöf again. I guess I'm happy with that insight.

Hm, metachat can be a bit slow, isn't it?
posted by jouke 05 June | 16:26
In fact, preparing for that article, I 'binge watched' a couple seasons of the series that I had wandered away from. But it wasn't much compared to what I had to do for one article that I regretted proposing: when Lost and 24 inspired a flurry of 'serial dramas' most of which were cancelled quickly... I dug in to find out how many of them had any resolution and if it was ever aired... That was a lot of BAD TV viewing over a short amount of time...
posted by oneswellfoop 05 June | 18:41
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