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03 June 2014

So mom threw out a Kindle with a cracked screen. Worth saving? Model #D00111. I don't own a kindle at all. Do I even want one? [More:]I have music in four formats. I have video in three formats. Do I now want books in two formats?

But throwing out a good device because of a screen? I hate how wasteful our society is!!!

When I travel, the Kindle is a godsend -- I can take hundreds of books with me! -- but otherwise I prefer hard copy.
posted by JanetLand 03 June | 13:47
I've found mine very helpful for managing school readings- much easier to lug around then a textbook.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 June | 14:44
I absolutely love my Kindle. I'm sure you'll be able to replace the cracked screen at a computer store. I have about 600 books I could send you, a mixed bag of things.
posted by Senyar 03 June | 14:50
I love my Kindle, and giving one to my Bear was one of my best gift ideas yet.

I'd get the screen repaired. You need not ever pay for a book to use a Kindle -- books can be borrowed electronically from the library and found in lots of places online for free. And if you do buy, electronic books are more affordable than the actual versions in most cases.

I'd add that you can get quite hooked on Kindle features like word and foreign phrase lookups, not to mention how easy it is to bookmark, highlight, and make notes.
posted by bearwife 03 June | 15:06
P.S. I now "read" books in at least 3 formats at once -- via mp3 on my car stereo, via the Audible app on my smartphone, in traditional format, and on my Kindle. I always have at least 4 books underway. I much prefer that to just carting one book around from place to place.
posted by bearwife 03 June | 15:09
Not to mention it's getting really hard to walk in my apartment with all the books.
posted by Melismata 03 June | 15:30
Kindles are worth it but I don't know if this old Kindle is worth saving. From what I can tell it's a first gen model, which makes me think it's unlikely you will find a replacement screen. And if you do, I'm not sure it's worth the expense since you can buy a brand new Kindle for $69. Or maybe a 3rd or 4th gen Kindle for up to $50. They got a LOT better starting with the 3rd gen models.
posted by mullacc 03 June | 17:12
Mullacc is right about that. If you want the perfect Kindle, I'll add that I love my Paperwhite more than any prior Kindle. You can get one of those on Amazon for $120, and on Ebay for less than that.
posted by bearwife 03 June | 17:47
Except at work, I don't read hardcopy books anymore (and if I had the digital format for my students available, I would use it there, too). I think of a "book" as its content, rather than its format anyway. Plus I'm way spoiled with my nearly 48 year old eyes by being able to enlarge the text to my heart's delight (I forget how tiny the text is on regular books).

That said, get yourself the latest and greatest in eReaders -- you won't regret it (tablets are great, too, if you'd like more versatility, and Kindle Fire's getting cheaper all the time).
posted by Pips 04 June | 13:38
I prefer actual books, but if I had a free Kindle, it would be useful for carrying a bunch of books while traveling. Some libraries have ebooks.
posted by theora55 04 June | 14:09
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