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17 May 2014

My dog chewed into the kibble bin and ate, I dunno, seven or eight pounds of chow. This afternoon she was a 43-pound Found Hound. I'm afraid to weigh her now because she might explode if I touch her.[More:]

Yeah, I'm watching for bloat and I have peroxide at hand if we decide to induce vomiting. Is there such a thing as doggie Alka-Seltzer?
Poor doggy! I hope she gets through it OK.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 May | 20:31
We induced vomiting (1tsp peroxide per 10lb dog, two doses twenty minutes apart). She brought up some kibble and a lot of foam from the peroxide but I think we missed the window of opportunity. She's up and walking around much better now, though, so I think we just have an uncomfortable night ahead of us and some elephant turds in the yard tomorrow morning.
posted by workerant 17 May | 22:23
Ooh, silly girl. If all that chow is too much for her, add a little organic apple cider vinegar or aloe juice to her diet. That should help things along. A quarter tsp per 10lbs of dog weight in each case. Good luck!
posted by Senyar 18 May | 03:24
We used to have a beagle. They WILL eat until they explode. I hope your pup is feeling better and that your floors and rugs survive the aftermath.
posted by Kangaroo 18 May | 06:29
Poor puppy... this too shall pass. : )
posted by Pips 18 May | 12:12
We used to have a beagle. They WILL eat until they explode.

We had a beagle once, and our vet pretty much told us the same thing, that beagles will eat in-perpetuity if allowed. I know our old girl would if we let her.
posted by Thorzdad 18 May | 14:24
Wow! Good luck poochie. Our labs are eat-till-it's-gone types too.

I'm like that with Oreos. :/
posted by chewatadistance 18 May | 15:23
Popcorn, for me.
posted by Melismata 18 May | 17:12
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 May | 17:53
some elephant turds in the yard tomorrow morning.

pics plz
posted by mullacc 18 May | 22:41
Poor puppy! I'm pretty sure our pugs would do the same thing, if they could get into their food container.. (and I know the bunny would. ha.)
posted by needlegrrl 19 May | 07:43
Yeah what's the pooch update?
posted by chewatadistance 19 May | 12:11
Indeed, an update would be good. I'm guessing you're still cleaning up diarrhea from inflamed/overworked intestinal tract, but I don't envy the process.

(also, she's adorable, but you knew that)
posted by ufez 19 May | 12:42
Saturday night she kept going in and outside, so I was up most of the night. Yesterday (Sunday) morning she horked up a HUGE pile of kibble (on our only rug, of course) and started to perk up a bit. Sunday afternoon I chucked both dogs in the car and took them to the greenbelt park for a walk and a waddle, respectively. Maeby managed to puke in the back seat* on the way to the park without my hearing her. Granted, I had the windows down so it was a little noisy, but she's a barf-ninja.

Anyway, we walked a few miles and Maeby seemed to be in no distress at all. Her face was relaxed, her gait was normal and she showed her normal level of interest in squirrels and toddlers. Her tummy was still a bit distended but nothing like the Stolen Kibble picture.

This morning we watched her poop (normal-sized, FWIW) so we know her bowels are working okay. She's now acting and looking completely normal... well, normal for her anyway.

Thanks for the concern; she's fine.

* My dogs are indoor-outdoor hiking, swimming and rabbit-chasing machines. We spend a lot of time hiking in the mountains and swimming in the lake and my dogs (and I) are often wet and muddy. A few years ago I sprung for neoprene seat covers for my car and they have been worth EVERY PENNY.
posted by workerant 19 May | 14:02
I'm interpreting mullacc's request for pics as a request for dog pics, not elephant turd pics.

Maeby looking more alert than usual.

≡ Click to see image ≡

Her sister Kenda at a motorcycle rally a few weeks ago.

≡ Click to see image ≡

Relaxing at work (they're shop dogs at our motorcycle shop).

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by workerant 19 May | 14:07
This reminds me of the time we had a collie and her 11 collie pups, and one of them -- the runt, in fact -- discovered how to growl. (You know, puppy growl, lifting the lip and issuing that cute puppy menacing sound.) We were feeding them at the time with two big plates of pablum, and enjoying seeing the spoked butts of 5 and 6 puppies around each one. Well, her growl made other puppies back away, and the result was that she got ALL the pablum from one plate, and most of it from the other.

Then she lay on the floor on her side all night, tummy distended, crying her little puppy eyes out. We showed our sympathy with heartless laughter.

She survived it fine. And she was always a very enthusiastic eater, too.
posted by bearwife 19 May | 14:24
I'm interpreting mullacc's request for pics as a request for dog pics, not elephant turd pics.

Bzzt. Wrong. I wanted to see some gnarly turds.

But I'll accept the doggy pics instead.
posted by mullacc 19 May | 15:07
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