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08 March 2014

Weekend 3-point update [More:]
Friday - It was the 4th anniversary of the piano bar. A fabulous evening, with lots of wonderful singers (and me), plus bonus cake.

Saturday - A late start, as I didn't get home from the piano bar until 4am. After a trip to Costco (where, as always, I bought too much) I stopped in Chingford for a mooch round the charity shops. I bumped into a friend, Carole, and we went for coffee and shopped together. It was lovely to see her.

Sunday - I have good intentions to get up early and go to Bikram for the 8am class. If the weather tomorrow is as beautiful as it was today, I think a walk in the forest might also be on the cards.
Friday: Slept a bunch, had coffee with my sponsor, cashed a $4 check, went to dance class (6pm until midnight because we are desperately trying to finish a choreography before the convention in 2 weeks), and then got McDonald's for dinner (bad Rosemary!)

Saturday: Went shopping with Mom this morning everywhere (including to the Amish market to get potpies!) and I also picked up some fabric to make a hip wrap for said convention in 2 weeks. Came home and napped and am now doing chores before heading off to a dance show tonight.

Sunday: Working like usual. I've got a ton of sewing to do so I should really bring some of that with me and try to get it done. And I need to seriously hunt for cheap chain to use for the convention costumes. It's not going to make/break the costume, but it will be a lovely trim.
posted by sperose 08 March | 17:25
Friday: Quiet day, I was still recovering from a stomach bug, so I didn't get much done. My one accomplishment was making a soda bread, that went really well with an apricot-grapefruit jam I made a few weeks ago. It was the first thing I ate in days that didn't send my stomach turning.

Saturday: The weather went from piss poor to lovely in less than twenty-four hours. After working for most of the morning, we took a long walk with the dog in the afternoon. Afterwards, I cooked a few things and made a buttermilk vanilla cake. Tonight we will watch the UNC v. Duke men's basketball rematch. They always play twice a season before the NCAA tournament, and UNC won the first go around. Duke is playing at home and is favored to win, but hope springs eternal. I actually don't care that much, but I love people who do so, GO HEELS!

Sunday: More of the same. Magic eight ball sees laundry in my future. We are having a friend over in the evening to watch The Act of Killing, which has been at the top of my must-watch list since I first heard about it.
posted by msali 08 March | 18:43
Friday: Work. Went out to dinner later in the evening with some grad school friends for Restaurant Week. ililil. It was delicious! Elliot Spitzer was at the table next to us for awhile; appeared to be there with his brother and another woman we didn't recognize.

: Finally, a nice day in NYC! We went to visit the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace NHS, which we've been meaning to do for some time. Got to tour the meticulously-restored rooms and see Teddy's crib, and the bedroom where he was born (with the original bed- his parents paid $3k for the room set in the mid 1800s!) Got another stamp in our passport and Oliver got a Junior Park Ranger badge. Also got some frozen yogurt and went to the grocery store. Naps and playtime rounded out the day. Hoping to squeeze in a little homework tonight.

Sunday: Nothing big on the schedule. Church in the morning, maybe a run in the afternoon? I'm doing a 10k in the month and my training has been practically non-existent, heh. More homework, too, for sure.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 March | 19:13
msali, I have had a digestive-type bug for a week now. Things are still not "normal."

Friday: Had a killer workout (with a trainer and two other people) and spent the next few hours trying to recover. Last night, wife and I started to watch Parade's End. It's OK, sorta and we will keep watching.

Worked on two plumbing projects - succeeded at one and had to retreat back to "as is" on the other due to lack of proper parts. But at least the bathtub faucet is no longer leaking! As part of the above-mentioned workouts, I am running a bit (yesterday involved running from the gym to a local park and then doing body-weight exercises). I have not actually run in a few years, but the several small runs lately did not bother my knees too much (just my wind) so I bought a new pair of running shoes today. I would love to lose about 10 pounds, maybe more.

Sunday: Lighter Later Day! Yard work, rose pruning (late) and then invited to friends' house to show Europe pics (yes, still doing that).
posted by danf 08 March | 19:40
Friday: Finished my second week of work at my new job. Still totally lost but starting to get a clue. Got a haircut and then we had noodles at a trendy new place in the only very recently hip neighborhood where I work.

Saturday: Walked around the home and garden show at the convention center. Fun but my leg didn't like the concrete floor of the center. Managed to get in 14,000 steps on my Fitbit between walking downtown and then walking all over the convention center.

Neighbors had a viewing party for the A&E series Those Who Kill in the old flashlight factory that they live in because part of the series was filmed in their basement. Our neighbors do love to party. I'm a little buzzed right now.

Sunday: As little as possible, I hope. Play some Civ and do a little reading.
posted by octothorpe 08 March | 23:52
Mon: Went to permanent Chihuly space at the Seattle Center and had locavore with my cousin.
Tue: went to the special exhibits at MOHAI and had Japanese with bearwife.
Wed: Went to Miro at SAM and had Croatian with my dad's friends.
Thu: went to Hendrix and Nirvana exhibits at EMP and had more locavore in the Pike Place Market.
Fri: Saw Elaine strich doc and went to Herbfarm. Single diners are put at a communal table, but this time it included two couples. They have two potbellied pigs on the grounds.
Today: shipped some stuff home and drove to PT Angeles. The direct auto ferry from Seattle to Victoria doesn't start for another few weeks.
posted by brujita 09 March | 02:39
Zaterdag: studied some machine learning. Probabilistic AI was not done where/when I was in university. So this feels like breaking a taboo. :-) Didn't study as much as I wanted since I got side tracked by reading some papers on functional programming. Had a friend over for drinks. Gezellig.

Zondag: it's uncommonly warm and sunny for the time of year. Went for a run in the forests up north; the area of sand dunes and pines, the military exercise areas (? to lazy to lookup the proper English phrase, Dutchglish will have to do) and bible belt. Do some more machine learning studying.
Clean up the garden.
Watch Starship Troopers probably. Such a good movie and still for a lot of people who were involved their career imploded it seems: Paul Verhoeven, Casper van Dien, Denise Richards...

Maandag: alleen maar werken en geen plezier maakt van jouke een moordende hotelbeheerder.
posted by jouke 09 March | 06:24
Trying to keep busy since I'm not feeling too happy about life at the moment.

Friday night: Exercised, watched bad tv, and went to bed early.
Saturday: Took a long drive up the coast to go antiquing. Bought some record albums. Watched bad tv and went to bed early.
Sunday: Transporting the cats I've been minding back home. Then going to a flower show to look at something besides snow. You can probably guess what I'll do Sunday night.
posted by JanetLand 09 March | 07:24
Friday: went to work, guy who just got married continues to talk to me as if nothing happened.

Saturday: mom came over and helped organize my office, which is wonderful since I'm missing the organizing gene.

Sunday: will go out to lunch, then watch the Shirley Temple marathon on Turner Classic Movies.
posted by Melismata 09 March | 08:36
Friday: Made a pizza after work and went to bed early, as I'm fighting a chest cold and I knew the dreaded tax appointment was the next day.

Saturday: Tax prep all morning, followed by tax appointment. Our tax guy is in this bafflingly empty office space with no signs (he's been there now for a few years) which shares a wall with a sketchy looking poker / strip club place. Tax guy is good but it throws me every year! Followed the tax appointment by heading to a favorite bar for a drink, a tradition we started two years ago to have something to look forward to after the dread tax appointment.

Sunday: Talking to my sister to solidify plans for our trip, followed by not one but two grocery stores, ack! It's been far too long since we've shopped and we are now out of *everything*. Even my back up "oh if we have an earthquake we can last for a few weeks" supplies are gone at this point. Then cooking for the week - I think I am going to make a quiche, but need to come up with some other ideas to put in the fridge for lunches. It's grey and rainy so cooking for a long time sounds really good.
posted by Sil 09 March | 11:29
Friday - back-to-back meetings 8:15 am to 2:30 pm makes me sad, but he rest of the day didn't suck too much, which is about as good as it gets for me most days at the moment.

Saturday - training walk out with my team (including my best friend :-)) which went pretty well, although it's clear I need to do more individual training to build my own fitness. Came home and had coffee with friend then, when she left, sat on couch with plan to get up and have a shower 'in a few minutes'. Woke up 1.5 hours later :-(.

Sunday - lazy, unproductive day although I did finish a Web site I've been working on, apart from some photos I need from other committee members.
posted by dg 09 March | 15:15
Friday - nothing of note

Saturday - grocery shopping, hanging out with & feeding kidlet, started getting the living room in people-coming-over condition

Sunday - woke up really really early and realized something I ate last night did not agree with me at all. skyped with my mom (today's her birthday). spent as much time as possible napping. fed kidlet. fret over all the cleaning that needs to be done for kidlet's birthday party on saturday (let's just say it's a good thing I took off friday). finished straightening the living room before going to bed
posted by bluesapphires 09 March | 21:08
A busy weekend!

Friday - Husband was out of town for a conference (had been all week). Met a new to me mefite for coffee/breakfast and talked to her about career options. Ran home to Queens. Worked for a few hours and then played bridge. Picked up kiddo from school, got cupcakes and pizza (our Friday ritual) and chilled.

Saturday - Husband showed up from California just after midnight. Took kiddo to ballet in the morning, letting husband have a big sleep in. Beautiful day so went to the playground for a couple of hours with ballet friends. Then to a surprise birthday party which was awesome. Got my day drinking on. Back home where I got to nap while husband got some kiddo time in.

Sunday - Long run in the morning, lunch, then said goodbye to husband as he took off to Florida this time. Just for one night though. Took kiddo to the Lego move ("everything is awesome!") which I really enjoyed as well. Home to play, dinner, kiddo into bed and zonked out early. Worked until midnight.
posted by gaspode 10 March | 07:24
Friday- worked late, watched Call the Midwife
Saturday- went on a walking tour of the food of Greenwich village, but it was more like an architecture tour with a few things to eat randomly at the end. Then 2 friends came over and eventually we went to a middle eastern place for dinner, which was fun.
Sunday- ended up in salary negotiations with my boss when I thought we were having reviews next week- he said basically the review didn't really matter and that it was being decided beforehand. Wha? I am very anxious now. Apparently I asked for too much.
posted by rmless2 10 March | 11:41
Good for you. At least you asked. I'm never good at asking for money. I don't feel like I care enough. You want to give me X? Eh, that sounds fine.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 March | 15:27
I got a raise, too! Dunno if I mentioned it!

*high-fives birthday-twin rmless2!*
posted by Eideteker 10 March | 15:48
Any opinions on Knausgaard? || Scary bike seat.