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04 March 2014

We never had an oscars thread! Fine, it's old news now, but did anyone sweep their pools? Any thoughts?[More:]I, for one, think that Pharrell Williams was robbed for best song, even though I quite like the one from Frozen.
Pools? In all my years working in offices and studios, I've never been somewhere they had an Oscar pool. Weird.

Anyway...Pharrell's tune was certainly toe-tapping, but I really didn't care for any of the song nominees. The Frozen tune sounded a lot like a by-the-book "Oscar" tune, though, so I guess it was predictable it would win.

I almost didn't watch the show this year. It's been forever since I even went to a movie. At best, I catch a film several years after release, if ever.
posted by Thorzdad 04 March | 10:01
Aw. I'm not super into the Oscars, but the pools at my former workplaces were the best part of it!

I actually saw one of the best picture nominees this year (American Hustle), which was silly, but I liked it. And given that I am the parent of a 5 year old girl, you get a shiny penny if you can guess which other movie I saw at the theater!
posted by gaspode 04 March | 10:11
I love Pharrell, but "Let It Go" had to win. The country is obsessed; everyone I know has gone insane. I really need to see that movie.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 March | 10:52
Let it Go is a funny song (or I'm a funny person) because I see people writing everywhere about how it's a big song about empowerment, or being true to yourself or whatever, but I see it as a very very sad song. She's singing how now that she's turned her back on her people she is free to embrace her powers? That's... I guess empowering in one way, but I find it depressing. It's sort of a desperation move.
posted by gaspode 04 March | 11:03
Judi Dench should have won for best actress. I like Cate Blanchett, but Blue Jasmine had more of a 70's mindset than 2010's.
posted by brujita 04 March | 11:48
I haven't seen Philomena yet. I'm sure Judi Dench is fantastic, as she pretty much always is, but what's the film like?
posted by gaspode 04 March | 11:54
I was only surprised that Pharrell didn't win -- we dislike the moo-ing, pop style sound of Let it Go so much that we fast forwarded through the Oscar performance after the first few minutes -- but otherwise no real surprises. We were really happy to see 12 Years a Slave, one of the most shattering movies I've ever seen, win. Great acceptance speech -- we all needed to be reminded again that a lot of people are living right now in slavery.
posted by bearwife 04 March | 12:12
I didn't see the Oscars, they're on in the middle of the night here. But I liked Blue Jasmine (I'm a huge Woody Allen fan, for which I have no apologies) and I thought Cate Blanchett was terrific in it. I also liked American Hustle very much. I thought the performances from all the main players in that movie were excellent.

I haven't seen Philomena, but my cousin's bro-in-law is the co-star, so I feel I should show some family solidarity and see it at some point. But I'll probably wait until it comes on TV.

I must catch up on the Oscar red carpet gowns. I saw a picture of Cate Blanchett's gown, and didn't like it. I thought it was too pale. Sandra Bullock looked lovely.
posted by Senyar 04 March | 12:15
Oh, 'Podey, see Philomena. Besides The Great Beauty (won best foreign language), it was my favorite movie of 2013. I saw it twice because I liked it so much. The poster and trailer really don't do it justice. Don't read too much about it before you see it - the payoff is immense. Both Steve Coogan and Dame Judi are extraordinary. At first, it's a little difficult to buy Dame Judi Fucking Dench as this wee little old Irish mum, but she grows into the role.
I am really not one to employ superlatives when talking about films, but Philomena is an exception. Goddamn brilliant piece of storytelling.
I knew it wasn't going to win any of the major awards, it just wasn't that kind of movie, but I think it got ROBBED for best soundtrack.
posted by msali 04 March | 13:18
Dench's character was a Magdalen laundry girl, but there are several unexpected twists.

I think the nominated cartoons are kid-friendly enough to take podelette; they'll be playing at IFC through next weekend. The Japanese one was the prettiest.
posted by brujita 04 March | 13:34
I'm maybe two thirds through the broadcast and it's weird that I've seen so many nominees. I've seen more reasonably current movies than ever but I'm betting they are so different depending on format. It seems pointless to see Gravity on my computer and I know enough to get that Clooney joke from the globes so I'm fine. The way people have to plow through nominees, I wonder who gets a just viewing of their work. I saw Frozen just because people kept going on about the stupid song. Osage County was a total waste of time as I was spoilered to start with. I keep trying to watch Wolf of Wall Street but I can't even get past the first restaurant scene, it's like the switchblade scene in Showgirls: I can't go on. I haven't even attempted 12 Years a Slave yet but that Lupita is the most adorable thing and I can't chose to see her or Chiwetel abused.

Movies movies movies. Why is the Oscars theme not just that or Hollywood or Fame always?
posted by ethylene 04 March | 15:39
Cate Blanchett's earrings are hypnotic.
Personally, I want more hair jewelry, which is probably why I like Miss Fisher's Mysteries so much. That show looks great on an iPhone, and yet somewhat less enigmatic on a larger screen.

I have theories on close ups that make the head you are staring at for extended periods of time approximate a human head size.
posted by ethylene 04 March | 16:55
I "watched" the Oscars via Twitter/Tumblr and I have to say it was far more engaging and entertaining done that way, particularly watching Twitter lose its collective mind over Ellen's selfie/pizza schtick and Tumblr just losing its collective mind because Tumblr, basically.

Plus, you know, I haven't actually seen a movie in the theatre in years, so there's that.
posted by lonefrontranger 04 March | 18:29
I too much prefer the Pharrell ditty. I think Ellen did a nice job. My favorite dress was Lupita I'm a horrible person for not knowing your last name's.
posted by rainbaby 04 March | 20:32
I really loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress. She rocks Dior. Also really gorgeous was her after Oscar dress.

But hey, they all looked pretty damn great. Including Ellen.
posted by bearwife 04 March | 20:44
I read the blah response to Jennifer Lawrence's dress as I saw it and I agree. I did just look up her after party dress which was way more interesting. I like her so much more after seeing American Hustle but I've only seen her in flightier things. That was a fun movie and i only saw it last weekend, really well cast and dressed. Sally Hawkins did a really good supporting role.
posted by ethylene 04 March | 21:33
I like Sandra Bullock, Amy Adams and Lupita Nyong'o's dresses. Apparently I'm into shades of blue at the moment.
posted by gaspode 04 March | 22:52
Never worked anywhere with an Oscar pool but maybe that's because I tend to work in male dominated companies.

I haven't seen "12 Years" yet and maybe it is a very good movie but it just seems like such a safe, feel good about ourselves kind of choice. But I've long given up expecting the Academy to pick anything interesting for best picture.
posted by octothorpe 04 March | 23:13
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put on the glasses
posted by Eideteker 05 March | 01:16
12 Years a Slave WAS a very good movie, one that used filmmaking techniques in service of the story to emphasize a point without bashing you over the head. It certainly wasn't a "let's see this movie 18 times" kind of flick, but I think it was deserving.

That said, I think Jennifer Lawrence should have won. Lupita was fine, and I won't begrudge her the win because it was clearly Her Night. But JLaw stole absolutely every scene she was in. The way I thought about it was that someone else could have played Lupita's role; it's sort of standard "horrible things are happening to me" part that you have to dig into but is still a fairly common trope. Jennifer Lawrence's part was much smaller than the ads would have you believe, but it was such a weird role that had so many nooks and crannies to it, and she pulled out every single one. She was SO GOOD.

I actually felt kind of let down by American Hustle; it was trying too hard to be a Scorsese movie, and I have now officially left Team Amy Adams. She tries too hard. But JLaw... JLaw is an absolute gem. She made that movie.
posted by Madamina 05 March | 13:02
I walked into it blind so I couldn't be let down and I think added to the delight in discovery, but I agree she was the best one in it among many very strong performances, but her character was the most wacky, which is again saying something.

I don't know if anyone can really be objective about what is "best," I don't think anyone voting really thinks they are. It is very much a judging of apples and goulash or oranges and tacos.
posted by ethylene 05 March | 14:24
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