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13 February 2014

Have you seen the Google Map car? Have you googled that location to find yourself?
A few years ago, it was in my town. I was in a work vehicle and we followed it. It pulled over, but there are two images with that car in it on street view. Of course you can't see me in the car, but you can't take it away from me.
posted by danf 13 February | 13:13
The Google Street View Car has passed by my location twice. The first time it got a good view of my parked car a few months before it died (blown gaskets in both oil and coolant system; would've cost more to fix than it was worth). The second time it got a good view of a neighbor of mine sitting on his front stoop (with face blurred, of course) a few months before HE died (cancer recurrence). I need warning before it comes around again so I can go inside and hide under the covers...
posted by oneswellfoop 13 February | 18:59
I've never seen the car. I am delighted to report that the car it photographed in our driveway isn't ours -- it belongs to a person who cleaned our house, I think. So hopefully we and our cars will continue to keep chuggin'.
posted by bearwife 13 February | 19:53
I saw it in Cairns a few years ago and followed it down the street for a while. Had forgotten until now and can't remember which street :-(
posted by dg 14 February | 02:02
I missed my chance very recently, apparently.
After never being in Street View, my neighborhood suddenly started showing up a couple of months ago. The images look to have been taken in late summer, judging by the trees and the slightly browned lawns. And early in the morning, judging by the shadows. Luckily, I had just mowed the lawn, so the place doesn't look too shaggy. Had I known they were coming, I'd have done something.

Last fall, my daughter was in evening rush-hour traffic on the north side of Indy when she realized the Google car was traveling with her. She had to call me and tell me all about it. Sadly, images for that section of the highway have still not been updated in ages.
posted by Thorzdad 14 February | 08:21
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