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07 February 2014

Friday Question What's the absolute best vacation you can imagine?
Mine is one I've wanted to take forever but may never have the time for -- a trip around the world, mostly by boat.
posted by bearwife 07 February | 12:49
The very best vacation I could imagine would involve the participation of people who are no longer alive, to destinations that no longer exist as they once did. If I could have the very best vacation I could imagine, it would be my travel companions that would make it the best vacation ever. The destination would almost be beside the point. But here's where we would go:

Vienna in the 1900's.
Barcelona in the 1910's
Buenos Aires in the 1920's.
Beirut in the 1930's.
Havana in the 1940's.
Tangier in the 1950's.
London in the 1960's.
Rio de Janeiro in the 1970's.
posted by msali 07 February | 14:03
Good point, msali. I still long for the trip to Nova Scotia with my Dad and the Bear that we talked about before my dad died.
posted by bearwife 07 February | 14:21
I would want to stow away in msali's suitcase.

I would love to travel through Europe to India and Pakistan (yes, I know it's a bit of a dodgy journey these days once you get past Turkey). From India I'd like to go to Japan, and from there to Australia and New Zealand. Then I'd stop off in Hawaii, then on to North America, and I'd tour Canada, the USA and Mexico.
posted by Senyar 07 February | 14:40
A house on the beach, relatively private but within walking distance to a restaurant or three, someplace wonderfully warm and sunny. If I have lots of books and a radio that's really all I need.
posted by JanetLand 07 February | 14:59
I would love to repeat my trip to Bali, which is pretty unoriginal but it was just so damn nice.
More time there and more days to surf and walk in the forest would be great.
posted by rmless2 07 February | 14:59
I'd like to go on Senyar's trip, but with perhaps a few more countries though Asia so I can visit all the countries I've travelled to through work but saw not much more than airports and hotels.
posted by dg 07 February | 15:15
A quiet cabin on a lake with lots of books (well, my kindle) and alcohol.

Travel always sounds great to me in theory but actually doing it tends to stress me out.
posted by octothorpe 07 February | 15:49
All-inclusive beach vacation. Crystal waters, sun, surf, great food, no annoying tourists around to bother me.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 February | 15:53
A house on the beach, relatively private but within walking distance to a restaurant or three, someplace wonderfully warm and sunny.

You just described our favorite vacation spot, Jekyll Island, Georgia. Everything is biking distance, including an incredible bookstore located in an old house. Can't wait to go back.
posted by jbickers 07 February | 16:55
That's funny, jbickers, because I've actually been to Jekyll Island, way back in 1973. I bet it's changed a lot since then!
posted by JanetLand 07 February | 19:17
I want to go on msali's vacation, as long as we get to spend at least a month in each place.

Ooh, actually, unless my math skills are failing me (which is always a strong possibility), if we average about 7.5 weeks in each place, we can make the vacation a full year. So I'll vote for that.

And if I can't just copy someone else, then I think some sort of wine/food tour of France and Italy and Spain. Which is not at all original, but oh well.
posted by occhiblu 07 February | 21:54
Colonizing Mars.
posted by Eideteker 08 February | 11:07
I'm eyeing an Alaskan cruise/rail combination trip, with a couple days in Seattle before and a week in Vegas to warm up after, with an overnight side trip to the Grand Canyon (Jon's never been), including a helicopter ride to the bottom.

I've promised Jon New Orleans first, though. No hardship there -- I love New Orleans (I've been once before), and with a bourbon and oyster bar on every corner, it was made for Jon.

Other trips I'd love (and hope) to take: England/Ireland/Amsterdam combo; Hawaii (I'd love to rent a ittle place and the spend the whole summer there, explore the different islands and visit a good friend of ours), with a few days in L.A. on the way; Australia/New Zealand/Japan combo; Patagonia (I saw a great middle-of-nowhere resort right on the coast on one of Bourdain's shows and I'd love to go there -- you can practically see Antarctica); Italy (especially Florence and Venice) and Greece (especially the Greek Islands); Montreal; more Maine (Jon's family's near Portland), Key West, Caribbean, and Vegas.

I think I may need more than ten grand.
posted by Pips 08 February | 12:08
VW campervan, unlimited time, US and Canada.
posted by Miko 08 February | 13:54
Pips, if you do indeed visit A'dam I'll gladly buy you a beer and show you some sights.

Oh, and I can definitely recommend a lot of places in Italy. Rome, Tuscany, it's simply wonderful.
posted by jouke 08 February | 15:56
Back to Australia to see Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia, the Nullarbor Plain, and Perth, and also New Zealand.
posted by initapplette 08 February | 16:36
Awesome, jouke... I hope to take you up on that someday. Ditto if you're ever in Gotham.
posted by Pips 08 February | 19:08
I would love to visit a bunch of the great cathedrals of Europe with the time and contacts to really see the construction and materials close up.
posted by arse_hat 09 February | 00:15
I'm already on it, and it's hell. :)
posted by Ardiril 09 February | 12:21
The best vacation I can imagine is the one that you never have to return from: permanent.
posted by mightshould 09 February | 17:33
I'd be good with being able to loiter in Cali for a week or so after any training instead of having to return home ( required ).
posted by buzzman 09 February | 18:05
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