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29 January 2014

white stuff report I live on the coast in southeastern NC and have cold white stuff outside. What the heck? [More:]
It started yesterday morning with freezing rain, then shifted to sleet in the afternoon and continued overnight.

We are at 20F at 6 AM and have close to 1 inch of sleet accumulation. Wind gusts of 20 mph. I think I just saw a wooly mammoth go by.
It's -13F here in northern Vermont this morning, and a relatively balmy 54 inside the house. Wasn't expecting it to be this cold, or I'd have kept the fire stoked all night.
posted by DarkForest 29 January | 07:11
I live in central NC and we got about an inch of snow last evening. Of course, all schools and many businesses are closed. I don't plan on leaving my abode today, except to walk the dog. Local children are ecstatic - and will remain that way until they are told that they will make up this lost school day on a Saturday.
posted by msali 29 January | 09:30
I thought we were only going to get 'a light dusting' here in MD. I went to my Tuesday night dance class and as I got home at around 930pm there were one or two flakes so I wasn't worried. Then I get outside this morning and there's a goddamn inch. Luckily, it was that soft floofy snow so I could just pushbroom it off my car and not ice, but there was an accident on my way in to work so I had to uturn and go around the long way. Most of the schools around here were on 2 hour delays--but not my office!

(And of course, my condo didn't bother to have the maintenance dudes come by to plow the parking lot or clear off the stairs or do anything, so it'll probably be one big sheet of ice when I get home tonight.)
posted by sperose 29 January | 10:19
44 and a chance of rain here in Seattle.
posted by Ardiril 29 January | 11:16
I'm in Atlanta. I made it home yesterday in under 2 hours (no highways, thank goodness), but one of my coworkers was on the road until 8:30 this morning - he normally has a 45 minute commute.

Our office is closed, but I'm working from home today.

I imagine I'll be working from home tomorrow morning as well, unless Atlanta really has improved things, and can get roads cleared by tomorrow morning.
posted by needlegrrl 29 January | 11:21
What, you don't appreciate the sun reflected off billions of crystal formations all aiming directly for your pupils? Or the endless gray of the original Cold War that wants to blind and blanket you in its painfully icy embrace? This is why we don't have national health care-- agh, my remaining eye--
posted by ethylene 29 January | 12:53
needlegrrl that is INSANE about your coworker. I mean, do you just get out and pee in teh bushes or what?
posted by chewatadistance 29 January | 19:21
i feel so bad for everyone in atlanta. what a clusterf*ck. we had an unexpectedly strong snow event a couple years ago which led to the schools calling closings early instead of waiting.

this time we got 3-4 inches in central virginia. of course schools were closed (after being closed all last week for mlk jr day and the last snowstorm). my workplace didn't give a delay, which sucked as my suborg is doing all day training at a country club this week and the roads to it weren't plowed this morning. good thing i have all my ohio & kentucky winter experience to pull from.

my dad sent me pics of the 10ish inches he got in virginia beach/norfolk. i can't remember the last time it snowed that much down there.
posted by bluesapphires 29 January | 19:59
We are expecting a bunch more snow over the coming weekend and I fucked up my back, back on my birthday at the beginning of the month. Not sure how it will play out.
posted by arse_hat 30 January | 00:46
Here in Wisconsin I literally considered it balmy at, oh, 27 degrees this morning. We'd been in Son of Polar Vortex all weekend, and the wind is wicked.

Have I mentioned that I'm pregnant? Because I traded naming rights for the baby for a ride home from my coworker. She took it very seriously, but she IS a serious heavy metal fan. After much deliberation, she decided on Neil (as in Vince).
posted by Madamina 30 January | 13:59
chewatadistance - yes, I think he did. But women? I think they have a harder time.

He also was down to 1/4 tank of gas, so he had to keep turning his truck off until he got too cold, then starting it back up. He said at one point, everyone turned their cars off, no lights, anything - it was like a parking lot.
posted by needlegrrl 30 January | 14:15
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