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26 January 2014

One good thing I'm having a totally shit time of it lately, but one thing did go my way tonight.[More:]

I've been trying for over a year to get an Eloise snow globe for my little grand niece, Cauliflower, whose middle name is Eloise. They don't make the Eloise snow globes anymore, which meant eBay was my best hope of getting one. The Eloise snow globe would only come up occasionally, and then often if it did it was damaged, and if it was in good condition either it wouldn't ship to Canada (and then even though JanetLand generously offered to be my American shipper receiver, I sometimes couldn't even bid on it), or someone else would outbid me.

I'd almost given up hope of ever getting one. Cauliflower will turn five this summer and will soon be too old for Eloise stuff. But then! Tonight I found a message in my inbox saying there was an Eloise snow globe on offer on eBay. I checked it out. It was in excellent condition. It had the lowest starting price of any Eloise snow globe I'd seen. And, it would ship to Canada! There were two watchers for the item already, which made me think, damn, I'm not likely to get this one either. But...oh joy... there was a "buy it now" option! You can bet I bought it on the spot. Now, if it will only ship with no problems, I'll be able to give it to Cauliflower for her 5th birthday.

I know it's a silly thing to be happy about , but I really have been trying for so long to get one of these snow globes and had no real hope I was ever going to succeed.
That's great! Lucky Cauliflower for having a caring and persistent great-aunt.

I saw your recent question on AskMe and that seemed like a very stressful time for you - I hope the situation is resolved one way or another. Hugs.
posted by altolinguistic 26 January | 23:42
Oh, that's a small fraction of what I've got on my plate right now.
posted by Orange Swan 27 January | 00:40
A charming gift for a five year old.
posted by Ardiril 27 January | 13:03
No one's too old for Eloise!

posted by brujita 27 January | 14:33
Here's sending wishes that one good thing leads to many others!
posted by mightshould 27 January | 19:37
Small hugs make for big smiles!
posted by buzzman 27 January | 22:36
posted by Doohickie 28 January | 18:46
I think we can || Is it just me? Or is this new season of Sherlock pretty lightweight so far?