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18 January 2014

My most... expensive piece of furniture is a cat tree.
All our furniture is cat furniture! Scratching posts, mostly. Caaaaaaaaaaaat.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 January | 12:53
I imagine the scene at your house to look like this.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Senyar 18 January | 13:13
^ snort

My cats used to do this. Now I have dogs instead. They ignore their beds and sleep on the sofa.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by workerant 18 January | 15:15
My most expensive furniture are a pair of faux wicker swivel rocking chairs that my cat uses as a gym / scratching post / lounge.

(I am allowed to sit in the chairs at times.)
posted by mightshould 19 January | 18:01
At least half, if not more, of my furniture was not bought by me -- I'm still using hand-me-downs from my family.
posted by JanetLand 19 January | 19:03
Goodwill near me has some kick ass stuff.

1. A solid cherry-wood coffee table in mint condition for $15.00. As I was going to get it, two other couples both said, "Damn!" when I picked it up.

2. Two glass topped tables for $25.00.

3. Two baroque plant holder type tables for $35.00.

So basically we're cheap bastards. But the stuff is nice. Shhhh. Tell nobody!

posted by Splunge 19 January | 19:55
The most expensive piece of furniture I own is a set of 2 chairs, a couch, and an ottoman that were originally found on the side of the road in Fort Belvoir VA sometime in the 50s (ish). They're the most expensive since they had to be recovered (in this gorgeous blue damask patterned velvety fabric that cost a pretty penny). (However, the folks paid for that since it was heirloom furniture.)

Most expensive that I bought is an antique vanity with a triple mirror at an antique shop that I never had been to before for $200. It only needed to have new knobs put on and it matched the rest of my hand-me-down furniture perfectly.
posted by sperose 19 January | 20:17
The most expensive thing I own is my bunny himself, with all his vet bills (not even counting his food or all the headphones he's destroyed).

Our furniture is all pretty cheap (ikea, thrift, street, west elm).

I like my "things" but they are mostly replaceable and I really don't care about most of the furniture and electronics and high ticket item stuff.
If my apt burned down and my clothes and bunny were safe, I would be fine.
So I guess I would trade my wardrobe for the rest of the house put together.
posted by rmless2 19 January | 20:31
I really like my furnishings. I call my decorating scheme "early american attic" since it's all handmedowns except for the wicker chairs.

I have items from the 40's that were my grandparent's in Panama when they had nothing but a trunk of personal belongings and bought locally made mahogany table and chairs, to 60's blond wood coffee table, to 70's celadon green 20's inspired sofa.

It all has history and blends together with the few modern pieces I've scavenged, and my paintings, to create a compelling tableau.
posted by mightshould 19 January | 20:50
Most of our furniture are either family hand-me-downs or Craig's List finds. It's almost all 19th Century but none in good enough shape to really be worth much. A few pieces, like the desk I'm typing this on go back at least four generations.
posted by octothorpe 19 January | 22:16
Our most expensive piece of furniture is this awesome green leather recliner with foot rest which was a wedding/housewarming present from my husband's parents. It's so damn comfortable.
posted by TrishaLynn 20 January | 01:25
I don't think any of my furniture would count as expensive. I have 100+ yr old chest of drawers that was 350 euro at an auction. And I bought an Italian design dinner table from Chinese expats in The Hague who were moving back. I think that my saxophone is the most expensive object in my house.
posted by jouke 20 January | 09:14
My viola is the most expensive thing I own, apart from my house. The bank doesn't own half of my viola, though.
posted by altolinguistic 20 January | 10:45
Most expensive furniture: 1. bed 2. piano
posted by altolinguistic 20 January | 10:46
My most expensive piece of furniture is my dining room table - French-polished, veneered yew, it sits neatly in the corner but will expand to seat 8.

The next most expensive is my sofa. It took me ages to find a sofa to fit me - I'm so short that most of them were too deep to sit comfortably. But I also wanted one that was big enough for me to lie down on. I got it from a furniture store I always thought would be too expensive, but it turned out to be as keenly-priced as the big chains when it had its sale. Lucy and I love our sofa naps.
posted by Senyar 21 January | 04:43
I have no idea what our most expensive furniture is. I love my bedroom furniture, almost all of which has been gifted to me by the Bear over the years, but he is a very careful shopper. I most value our dining room table, which he made many years ago. A heck of a lot of our furniture would be of interest only to people who enjoy cat scratches and dog hair.
posted by bearwife 21 January | 11:51
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