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07 January 2014


Leonardo was also a master of dining etiquette, possibly inventing the first napkin (and the first twenty-foot rotating napkin dryer) after Sforza insisted on “tethering beribboned rabbits to the chairs of his table guests, that they may wipe their grease-ridden hands on the beast’s backs.”

It reminds me of that terrible joke:
A bear is pooping in the woods (as they do), and sees a rabbit nearby. The bear turns to the rabbit and asks, "Does shit stick to your fur?" The rabbit says "no" so the bear grabs him and wipes his ass with the rabbit.
posted by rmless2 07 January | 11:03
At least, then, no bear would eat that rabbit!
posted by danf 07 January | 12:23
I think the real gem there is the new renaissance of the term crapulando.
posted by ethylene 07 January | 14:35
If there is an assassination planned for the meal, then it is seemliest that the assassin should be seated next to he who is to become the subject of his craft

posted by lysdexic 07 January | 15:31
I've heard that joke before but it never made sense to me. If shit doesn't stick to the rabbit's fur, he'd make lousy bum-wipe, right?

So I just Googled rabbit bear fur shit (/waves at NSA) and I found two slightly different versions: "Does shit stick to your fur?" and "Do you have a problem with shit sticking to your fur?". The second one makes sense in the context of the joke because it allows for the possibility that the rabbit's potential problem is attitudinal rather than physical.

So thanks, rmmless2, for getting me to finally Google the joke and achieve enlightenment.
posted by maudlin 07 January | 23:16
He should not place his head upon his plate to eat.
Neither should he sit beneath the table for any length of time.
He should not place unpleasing or half-chewed pieces of his own food upon his neighbor’s plate without first asking him.
He should not wipe his knife upon his neighbor’s clothing.
Nor use his knife to carve upon the table...
He should not set loose birds upon the table.
Not snakes nor beetles...
And if he is to vomit then he leaves the table.
Likewise if he is to urinate.

Hey, guys: Dig the stuffed shirt on DaVinci! La-dee-da, Mr. Fancy Pants!
posted by Atom Eyes 07 January | 23:24
Hey at least it's still OK to take a dump at the table. Right?
posted by arse_hat 09 January | 01:14
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