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05 January 2014

41F today and -9F tomorrow here Scary deep freeze about to happen out here in the interior states. Stay warm, bunnies.
Yes indeed! Gross day in NYC- light mist freezing on the sidewalks, the whole city is an ice skating rink. Bringing home my fussing, screaming toddler was quite an experience. I am staying in FOREVER!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 January | 10:06
Here in Muncie, we're at our predicted high today of 32. Snow started coming down about 3 hours ago and the temps are supposed to start dropping this afternoon. High tomorrow -10 with a -40 windchill. While we dig out from the 8-10" of snow we're supposed to end up with. My wife and I will be doing shifts clearing off the driveway throughout the day. It's a lot easier to clear off 2-3" of fresh snow a couple of times through the day than to try and clear 10" of compacted snow once tomorrow. Fun times.

Glad I bought a fresh bottle of Maker's Mark yesterday.
posted by Thorzdad 05 January | 11:44
We have an inch or two of very dry, powdery snow in Tulsa. Temps aren't terrible yet. We're just west of the worst it, though.

I escaped St Louis yesterday just before they got somewhere around ten inches of snow and have wind chills forecast in the -25 to -35 range. So at least I dodged that bullet.
posted by ufez 05 January | 11:48
All of you are invited to come out here to San Luis Obispo: yesterday 65F high, 35F low, forecast today 70F high, 40F low. Yes, there are negatives; the ocean right over there ranges from 55-65F, rents are almost as high as L.A. and gasoline prices higher, but we're very bicycle friendly, have a college that won't win the Rose Bowl but DID win the Rose Parade, that weird hotel where you can sleep in a cave, and that beach Bugs Bunny tried to go to when he took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. And it's Monarch Butterfly season! (Don't tell Dr. Venture) The only bad news, weather-wise, is were in the midst of a severe drought, having just finished the driest year in our HISTORY (beating every other county in a dry California for the 'un-rainyist'); if there were a severe rainstorm today (which the forecast says there's a -1% chance of), there'd be worse panic than in the areas getting blizzarded, becuase... we've forgotten what it's like. But if you do move out here, remember what I said about rents, and note that the Tourist Association and Chamber of Commerce really hate homeless people.

And with that, I begin enforcing my New Year's Resolution to stop talking about my home area so much
posted by oneswellfoop 05 January | 14:10
Winter storm warnings posted here (northeastern Ohio). We live right where the lake effect snow hits hard, so when everyone else gets 4-5 inches, we get 8. Sometimes it will be snowing hard here and as I drive, I'm thinking, I should turn around and go home. And then suddenly it's over - I drive out of it.

I am sure school will be canceled tomorrow. My kid wants to go back; he's been off for two weeks and he's bored. I am almost certain my office will be open though.

The grocery store was buzzing today - really busy. I have a pot roast in the oven and will start a fire soon. Sometimes I think about what it must have been like 150 years ago during these winter storms. We really have it easy. Even if our furnace fails, we can go stay with family or in a hotel. We won't be in danger of dying.

For me the ideal scenario tomorrow would be: Office closed! School open!
posted by Kangaroo 05 January | 15:14
It's funny that you guys near Cleveland get so much more snow than we do down in Pittsburgh considering that it's only like two hours away.
posted by octothorpe 05 January | 16:06
I can hardly fathom temperatures like -9f. The other day, when we were sweltering in 43c (~110f), I was thinking I'd be glad to be out shovelling snow. -22c though, not so much. You can have that all to yourself. Stay warm and stay safe!
posted by dg 05 January | 16:23
Warm in the sun today; travelled from CO to TX enroute to OK for stuff; but woooo, there goes the sun and cold dry windy fast!
posted by buzzman 05 January | 19:15
I woke up the other day to -39C (which oddly enough converts to -38.2F!) with a windchill of -48. I was fortunate to find that my car would start, as it was my first day back to work after the holidays.

I gotta admit, I wished I'd extended my vacation by a couple days.
posted by richat 05 January | 20:37
Just rain in east Tn so far and 58 degrees. Will wake up to single digits and ice. I would move to SLO in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself. That's one of the most beautiful areas of the countryI have ever seen.

Will be in NYC this weekend hopefully it will be thawed out by then.
posted by meeshell 05 January | 22:40
richat, oddly the forecast has warmer temps for you this week than for us. That never happens. We are expecting all time record cold the next few days -27C.
posted by arse_hat 06 January | 01:10
Great scott. -39 C.
Good luck.
posted by jouke 06 January | 02:23
Stay warm, US bunnies! I know it must be pretty bad, because your weather made the national news here in the UK today (and our news can be pretty parochial).
posted by altolinguistic 06 January | 04:56
Our wind chill today is expected to hit -40˚ F.
Interestingly, that converts to -40˚ C.
posted by Thorzdad 06 January | 07:11
After already having the crazy cold temperatures described here, today ironically there is a thaw, and rain, and the melting snow is flooding all the roads and the sidewalks are all solid ice. It will be back to cold tomorrow. I have never come so close to snapping so early in winter before.
posted by JanetLand 06 January | 08:20
It's 43F (feels like 35F) right now and is forecast to be 8F (feels like -10F) tomorrow this time.

My building is kept at a balmy 64F. And the stacks are 50F (well, they were actually 48.9F yesterday since the HVAC was off). I'm not looking forward to this cold snap. I have no idea if my car will even start! (And I'm totes thinking about bailing on dance class Tuesday night since I don't want to get across the county to have my car not start to get home!)
posted by sperose 06 January | 09:42
Of course, it helps to mention where I am. (Montgomery County, MD)
posted by sperose 06 January | 10:11
arse_hat - it never gets that cold in your area! I remember slushy winters as a kid (lived there from about 1975-1980) and no really cold snaps.

There's something to be said about our northern-ish Ontario winters. It gets cold and stays there, so the terrors that are icy roads don't bother us much. Worst winter I ever experienced was in a year in Hamilton (about 30 minutes southwest of Toronto) where it would be rainy while the sun was up, and then iced up when the sun went down. Man, it was awful.
posted by richat 06 January | 10:14
It rained and now all our snow is gone! It was more fun to be this cold when we could see snow out the window. Now it just feels dreary.
posted by rmless2 06 January | 12:01
Stuck at JFK. Flight keeps delaying an hour at a time. Torture. If we don't get out today I will be so sad :(. My family hasn't been together for years, sucks if this would ruin it
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 January | 12:21
TPS - did you ever make it out?

There is frost on the inside of my back door (I guess the insulation isn't great, so cold is seeping in, and condensing, then freezing?), and I'm only in Georgia - it's 9 degrees outside, but that's nothing compared to most of you.

I hope everyone is staying warm! am contemplating going to work in sweats today, but I won't.
posted by needlegrrl 07 January | 06:21
WE MADE IT!!! Woohoo!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 January | 07:25
It's crazy brick out there.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 January | 10:20
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