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02 January 2014

Snow Day? Are you in the line of fire for this OMG BIG STORM coming? Check in![More:]Oliver's daycare is already closed. Work has told only "essential" personnel to come in; we're not 100% in this room but we don't think we're essential. SNOW DAY WOOT WOOT. Extra exciting because I'm off all next week :D
Only three inches forecast for us. We never seem to get the good storms here.
posted by octothorpe 02 January | 15:39
We got a lot of snow today. Probably 6-8 inches so far on top of what we already had. Plus it's blowing hard and just miserable outside. I had to work most of the day; at about 3pm a note went out to the staff saying we should start our commute home early. So I did. My commute is about a 5 minute drive. It's my favorite part of the job.

There is SO. MUCH. SNOW. on the ground here. Probably a foot or more. The holidays are over and spring seems very far away.

posted by Kangaroo 02 January | 16:11
About 9 inches over the past 24 hrs. I had green grass 2 days ago. More coming.
posted by arse_hat 02 January | 16:19
Well, we aren't getting a lot of snow but the low temp for Monday is forecast as -9F! Yikes.
posted by octothorpe 02 January | 16:36
I'm not supposed to get much here, although they recently revised their totals upward to about 3". I ordered pizza at 4 and am waiting for them to deliver it. I was hoping they would get here before it started to come down hard, but it's already started. :(

(I tip extra well in shitty weather and also because I live up 3 flights of stairs.)

I don't work tomorrow anyways and just have an evening dance class, so we're playing it by ear about going out then.
posted by sperose 02 January | 17:07
Got sent home two hours early, which is nice (I also have a very short drive home). Not sure if we're going to get enough tonight and tomorrow to shut down for the day, though. Might get to go in late. There is still a lot of ice on the trees from the Christmas ice storm, so I suppose that every snowstorm for the time being could lead to some more power outages. I have ordered a battery lamp.
posted by JanetLand 02 January | 17:10
I should probably also order some cats for warmth.
posted by JanetLand 02 January | 17:18
No snow here. It's 8:30 am and the temperature just reached 32c (about 90f). Expecting 40 today. Not sure that I picked the best day for a 20km hike ...
posted by dg 02 January | 17:40
Stupid-fucking-new-mayor-of-Gotham doesn't seem to believe in forecasts. So much for SCIENCE! The governor's declared a state of emergency, we're due for 6-10 inches of snow, frigid temperatures, and blizzard conditions into the morning tomorrow, but our new mayor says he doesn't have enough information to make a decision about the schools. Uh-huh. Thing is, the storm will still be going at 5/6 am, the latest he could close the schools before staff has to start calling in, and there won't be any more information then. Wants to appear tough, I guess. Said we should, "assume school will be open." Dumbass.

By the way, he also said everyone should stay indoors and not go out unless "absolutely necessary," that the roads, winds, and temperatures would be "very dangerous," and that the priority should be "keeping everyone safe." Yeah. They did at least manage to make one decision: Field trips are cancelled for tomorrow. Amusing.

I'll be home either way. I'm afraid my snowmobile's at the shop. It just means I'll have to get up at 5:30am to call in if there's no news. Meh.
posted by Pips 02 January | 19:01
Our department still hasn't called whether or not we have to come in tomorrow. So annoying! I'm with you, Pips, can't people just trust in the weather report and call it already? Daycare is already closed, so Stynx is scheduled to be home with el bambino unless I get the day off. Please don't make me trudge to the office in snow & 30mph wind gusts!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 02 January | 19:33
Just rain down here. I'm hoping for a bit of snow at some point this winter so we can use kidlet's snow bib at least once but I'm also okay with not having to shovel this year. Stay safe and warm.
posted by bluesapphires 02 January | 19:41
SNOWING! From what I can tell we probably already have an inch!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 02 January | 20:24
At least you have a mayor, Pips, our old one has wandered off and the new one doesn't get sworn in until Monday.
posted by octothorpe 02 January | 20:48
I'm hoping my plane isn't delayed but I'm guessing it totally will be!
posted by The Whelk 03 January | 01:07
Alas, work is open. Jerks.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 January | 06:36
In eastern NC we've had rain yesterday /today. Lots and lots of rain all fall and into winter.

At present time it's around 35 F, so I've thankfully not contemplated getting out the nonexistent snow shovel.

Wishing a safe, warm snow event to you bunnies afflicted by the mess.
posted by mightshould 03 January | 06:52
My work is open too. Even though it's blowing snow everywhere, and the road conditions are much worse than what they sent us home in early yesterday. Plus most of the building has no heat. *sigh*
posted by JanetLand 03 January | 08:24
I'm trying to work with a grumpy kid at home who won't watch television. I have the kind of kid who you cannot park in front of the tv, which is great, most of the time, but not on days like today.
posted by gaspode 03 January | 09:35
I took a snow day, what the heck, the store has no food/no meat/no produce until the truck arrives and we're told it will be late late late. I'd rather go in tomorrow instead (I was supposed to be off). We have around 9 inches of snow, and the roads here are iffy.
posted by redvixen 03 January | 10:50
Hugs to all my former East Coast fam who are dealing with this now. As a new Minnesotan, all I have to say is a) When this goes past, you'll have a better chance of getting warmer weather than I will and b) This is an excellent time to catch up on books.

And for a little perspective, the low for Monday here is going to be -14. :)
posted by TrishaLynn 03 January | 11:49
So what happened, Pips? Did they call it off?

Love love love my new 4WD car. Came into work, there's no one else here, little work to do, I can surf the net here while they plow my condo parking lot nice and clean.
posted by Melismata 03 January | 11:55
Pips is free! NYC schools closed today.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 January | 13:27
Free, indeed! The mayor redeemed himself, albeit at 5am. I am grateful I didn't have to burn a personal/sick day, especially since I was out a whole week with bronchitis last month.

And Jon took the day off, too, so we're hunkered down, watching TV, eating leftover Chinese food, relaxing. It's a good way to spend a cold winter day. Hot cocoa all around! : )
posted by Pips 03 January | 14:45
(sorry you had to work, pinky -- bummer :( Hope you still got some hot cocoa)

(TL, I think of you all the time, whenever I see those negative temperatures in Minnesota on TV -- Brrrrr! When I was in college in Michigan, I remember those minus 40 degree wind chills. My nose hairs used to freeze. Stay warm!)

(octothorpe -- sometimes no mayor's the way to go; ours was sworn in, informally, at 12:01am on January 1st and apparently had to pay a $9 filing fee himself for the privilege. The formal ceremony was at noon.)
posted by Pips 03 January | 15:03
We actually have tickets to our new mayor's swearing in ceremony and ball. It sounds like a bigger deal than it is, we only donated a hundred dollars to his campaign but I guess that's enough to get you an invite in a small city.
posted by octothorpe 03 January | 17:54
I went into work yesterday at 10 and they called it (and Friday) at 1. Unfortunately, I came back from Christmas with family toting a cold; this prevented me from giving my yard and driveway the full shoveling treatment once the snow stopped. I love to shovel snow. LOVE. IT. /nativenewenglander
posted by initapplette 03 January | 18:01
Sounds fun, octo-- Actually, initial snow day delay aside, I'm pretty hopeful for this new Gotham mayor. He seems to care about people, and I like a lot of his progressive ideas, looking to lessen homelessness and poverty in the city. And at least he and the new school chancellor don't seem to hate teachers and blame us for all the woes of the schools the way Bloomberg came to. Fingers crossed, I think he could be a good mayor, de Blasio. Enjoy the ball!
posted by Pips 03 January | 19:41
The snow was supposed to start last night around midnight here, but, as I look out the window this morning, I see it hasn't even started yet. They're still predicting 7-10" by tomorrow morning, though.

Really, though, it's the deep plunge in temps that's coming tomorrow that I'm concerned for. Highs around -10˚ and wind chills hitting -40˚. YIKES! I'm going to have to be actively warming the pipes in the kitchen tomorrow. So long as the power grid stays up, we should be ok.

My son is supposed to work tomorrow. If we get the snow they predict, along with this county's famously worthless plowing, I don't think he'll be able to make it. It's a food service job, which is a field famous for never officially closing and expecting employees to risk their lives to get to work when scheduled. The deep cold will make starting his car difficult, too.
posted by Thorzdad 05 January | 08:00
We did our normal food shopping yesterday, and the market was overrun with people stocking up, expecting to be stranded or something for days. It's a regular thing here. The news starts reporting about BIGSTORMCOMINGOMG!!!! and people mob the markets to stock-up on staples. It's utterly Pavlovian.
posted by Thorzdad 05 January | 08:02
Not just more hair, guys -- cleaner hair, blown dry. || Paris Bunnies!