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02 January 2014

Not just more hair, guys -- cleaner hair, blown dry. Heee! My brother had one of these.
I remember when I had enough hair to blow-dry... I've mentioned before that my father, the prematurely bald ex-Marine, did not allow me to grow my hair past a crew cut until I was 12, and my extremely fair blond hair was almost invisible, giving me an unfortunate Charlie Brown look. But after college, the peak of my radio career was as an on-air "sidekick" for an L.A. radio morning DJ who made one of his running jokes his vanity about his own hair, which all his co-workers KNEW was as insincere as Jack Benny's "cheap" jokes... until he got it permed. Anyway, while I was working for him, he offered to pay for a session for me with a Beverly Hills Hairstylist... a neck-up makeover and basic instruction on how to maintain it (so I didn't have to keep going back at my own expense). Well, I did it, and emerged with - well - not the same style illustrated, but something equally '70s-ish, definitely blown, but more blown back, and I had two thoughts (a) how do I tell my boss I hate it? and (b) how long until it returns to some normal, manageable state?

Hair. Always been an issue with me.
posted by oneswellfoop 02 January | 17:14
Yes, I remember hair :-(. When I was 16, it fell to my shoulders in waves and went halfway down my back when it was wet. Now, it's just a nuisance and I cut it to #2 myself. Mind you, there's plenty growing in all places except my head these days :-(
posted by dg 02 January | 17:46
I'm so happy that my "#2 razor all over" cut is in style since it's just about the only one that works for me with the amount of hair I have left these days.
posted by octothorpe 02 January | 18:11
That was my high school look. At college in the late 70s, I grew it long down my back but continued blowing it out, resulting in a proto-80s glam metal style.
posted by Ardiril 02 January | 21:52
We need some photos in this thread plz.
posted by initapplette 03 January | 17:56
December Musical Giftstravaganza a bit late editiion. || Snow Day?