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13 December 2012

Need some quick opinions about a refrigerator... [More:]No, not "Which model to buy?" Rather, "Which color to buy?"

Our 30-year-old Admiral is giving up the ghost, and Dotsmom and I are probably going to xmas-gift ourselves with a new fridge. We have most of the basic details figured-out, save one...the color.

Our small-ish kitchen is resplendent in its original 70's glory of dark wood cabinets and red formica countertop. The walls are a light gray (yes, yes...I know...Good god, man, redecorate!!!!) Currently, the two built-in appliances (stove and dishwasher) are black. The fridge we are replacing is biscuit, and I don't think we really don't want that again. And I don't think we want white. That leaves black or stainless.

The fridge sits exposed at the end of the counter/cabinets. It's not enclosed. My fear with a black fridge is it's going to be too a huge obelisk sucking-in all in its vicinity. But, it would match the other appliances.

We're iffy about stainless. For one, there's the fingerprint issue everyone we know complains about. Then, there's the curious point that, on the fridges that we can afford, only the fronts are stainless. the bodies are painted gray. So, because of the way the fridge site, one gray side would be out in the open. Of course, it would be immediately covered by magnets. My thinking is a stainless fridge would be less visually massive than a black fridge, being more of a neutral tone.

So...opinions? Black? Stainless? Throw caution to the wind and go white? Remember, the basic coloration of the room...dark wood, red counters, light gray walls.

I think black will be fine. I cannot stand the fingerprints you always see on stainless.

So, one little vote for black.
posted by mightshould 13 December | 15:36
If I had the cash, I would get black and then apply wood panels that match the cupboards. This would work in a smallish kitchen, and a pro finisher could do it and not look tacky.
posted by Ardiril 13 December | 15:39
Ardiril...That's a nice idea, but we don't have the cash, either. Would black still be your choice without the wood camouflage?
posted by Thorzdad 13 December | 15:54

My kitchen is all pine -- pine cabinets and pine wood paneling with an almond acrylic countertop. I brought a black fridge over the summer to match the black stove & dishwasher; matching the color was more important to me than even matching the brands. It's not hidden (it sits next to the doorway) and doesn't seem to any more overwhelming than the old white one was. But it is big. Which, thanks to some in poor taste jokes with friends, lead to it being given the name "Denzel". :)
posted by bluesapphires 13 December | 16:25
Black probably. White is definitely out. I have seen brown refrigerators, and their shades were fairly neutral.
posted by Ardiril 13 December | 16:27
heh biscuit
posted by mullacc 13 December | 16:35
heh biscuit

Hey. It was 1982.
posted by Thorzdad 13 December | 16:43
If you're not planning on replacing the stove and dishwasher any time soon, I'd go with black.

I've read in a couple places that stainless is on its way out fashion-wise (not that it matters if that's your preference - t'hell with fashion!).
posted by deborah 13 December | 16:56
We made this choice a couple of years ago and bought black. It doesn't loom over the rest of the kitchen and is a nice background for pictures and other magnet items. And no finger marks.
posted by bearwife 13 December | 17:01
Thanks, all!
Sounds like black is the way to go. I think I'll call it...Kronos.
posted by Thorzdad 13 December | 17:18
So, my new apartment has a new Frigidaire fridge with a stainless front, black handles, and black sides. THat sounds like it could work for you if you want stainless.

It's true about the fingerprints. Thing always looks dirty. I scrub and clean it and 5 minutes later, fingerprint smears.

In your case I'd go with black. It won't be an energy suck. You'll get used to it immediately. And if it's too dark, put some fun magnets and art on it. I think the unity of color across the room will add to your sense of peace.
posted by Miko 14 December | 00:34
posted by Splunge 15 December | 16:02
Bought a black one. Being delivered Monday.
Thanks, again, all!
posted by Thorzdad 15 December | 17:51
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