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27 February 2012

so I've been researching the Israel-Palestine issue a bit and I have stumbled into the strangest wormhole. Just in case you wanted to know, here's an interactive layout to finding out if your apocalypse-inducing Red Heifer is appropriate.
Uh, that's NOT a heifer.
posted by brujita 27 February | 07:44
True. But the people behind the site are completely sincere about finding one. I just find it amazing that people are actually going calling the West Bank 'Judea and Samaria' and trying to rebuild the Third Temple and god knows what else. I never quite realized the religious expansionist angle to this whole thing

(I know the people trying to do this kinda thing have little political power but it's just remarkable to read about these ideas at all. Here's what I was looking at when I came across this Correspondence between Coalition for Justice Co-director Haim Dov Beliak and Matti Dan of Ateret Cohanim)
posted by Firas 27 February | 07:52
Did you read Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union. This figures into it.
posted by kmellis 27 February | 09:13
posted by brujita 27 February | 09:36
You mean BUILD the Third Temple, they can't rebuild something that never existed.
posted by leesh 27 February | 10:09
The holy sites in Jerusalem are supposed to be under the control of the UN. This should have been enforced when Israel first became a country, wars or not.
posted by brujita 27 February | 13:00
leesh, you're right, but the images I saw proposing a modern Temple seemed to architect it along the lines of a previous layout. Meanwhile I come across a bunch of Christians on youtube who can't wait for this to happen so their particular understanding of the end times comes into play. It's all very creepy to me. I think the secular issues involved are thorny enough without a bunch of people trying to hasten the end of the world or re-establish ancient kingdoms. My metachat position on this has been consistent (lol). Waiting for the end of the world is one thing, but forcing it is quite another.
posted by Firas 27 February | 15:52
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