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27 February 2012

No means no Маркиз (Marquis) the cat really means it, too.
No-No-No Cat cracks me up every time I see him and his vehement objections. So does Trololo Cat.
posted by Senyar 27 February | 16:52
HA! why is it's head so flat?
posted by rmless2 27 February | 18:25
Is there some explanation for why the cat sounds like that?
posted by Orange Swan 28 February | 07:43
That sounds like a particularly strange and extended pre-vomiting noise to me (in our house it is sometimes known as the Howl of Doom). If my cat did something similar I'd be putting him outside, stat.
posted by altolinguistic 28 February | 07:44
The lip-licking is also a pre-vomiting sign, sometimes. Poor cat looks freaked out, must be a large hairball.
posted by altolinguistic 28 February | 07:47
Yes, he does seem pretty distressed. Nonetheless, I know exactly how he feels. oh nononononononono.
posted by crush-onastick 28 February | 13:31
If I remember correctly the cat was meeting a young child for the first time and totally freaked out.
posted by deborah 28 February | 17:46
Yikes, that is one unhappy cat.
posted by Glinn 28 February | 21:18
The text underneath the video says, basically "This happened the first time Marquis set eyes on my friend's daughter. He started screaming and continued the whole time she was visiting. This was seven years ago and he's never done it since...."
posted by tortillathehun 29 February | 01:35
Poor Marquis. When my friend's 4-year-old comes to visit, our cat just goes out or hides under the bed, and only returns when he's sure she's gone.
posted by altolinguistic 29 February | 04:39
Trilby doesn't like babies or small children either. Strangers make him nervous at the best of the time, but he won't even go near a small child. He seems to think they're some sort of evil little monsters.
posted by Orange Swan 06 March | 22:56
"they're some sort of evil little monsters." - Smart cat.
posted by Ardiril 06 March | 23:02
Yeah, I'm with Trilby too.
posted by dg 06 March | 23:44
We are living in the future || Downton Tabby