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27 February 2012

I have been waiting since 2008 to give you all an update on this post So I had three Very Big Bad Things Going on in December 2008, all of which could have destroyed me financially. The good news is none of them destroyed me.[More:]

The first one was relatively easy to resolve, with a few lawyers, and moderate stress to me over about two years.

The second one was harder to resolve, I got a little screwed, lawyers and some doctors were involved, but it got resolved in about two years, and I met some nice folks along the way.

The third one got resolved tonight, I got royally screwed, a class action lawsuit and tons of lawyers were involved, it would shake my faith in our justice system if I didn't already know how this stuff works, but in the end, I'll be ok, if quite a bit poorer.

But throughout it all, you guys have been here with spare whuffles, hugs, and countless laughs on gloomy days, so I think I came out a big winner in the end. Thanks, guys!
Yay for making it through to the end!
posted by Ardiril 27 February | 23:30
Way to be. What doesn't destroy you makes you stronger and all that. What's amazing is that we can endure a lot more shitty things than we think we can. And hopefully, that's the end of your list, and you can move on now to better things and hopeful skies?
posted by Miko 27 February | 23:43
I hope it's all more positive from here.
posted by arse_hat 28 February | 00:18
Glad it's all finally over *hugs*
posted by orangeoddity 28 February | 02:05
wow. What an ordeal, but it's good to hear that it's over.
posted by gaspode 28 February | 02:07
glad things worked out Twigs. Hugs.
posted by Firas 28 February | 02:30
Yes! You are quite strong.
posted by rainbaby 28 February | 06:53
That's a long long time to face that stress. It's great that you're finally on the other side. Whew!
posted by mightshould 28 February | 07:15
I am so glad to hear that something you have been stressing over for FOUR YEARS has drawn to a close. May you have nothing but clear skies and peaceful sailing for a good long time.
posted by msali 28 February | 07:54
Wow. What an ordeal.
Yes, literally what gaspode said. But it's honestly my reaction as well.
I think you should do something special to celebrate your victory over your tribulations.
posted by jouke 28 February | 08:03
You are now owed one hell of a good time by the universe. Enjoy!
posted by JanetLand 28 February | 09:27
posted by galadriel 28 February | 10:17
posted by brujita 28 February | 12:00
How horrid that you had all that going on, and how great that you are DONE and okay. Yay!!! Perhaps a small glass of something bubbly is in order?
posted by bearwife 28 February | 12:04
Hugs, and I'm so glad your ordeal is over. I've heard if you want justice, you won't find it in the law (I am inclined to agree in certain circumstances). Now you can breathe freely, and move forward!
posted by redvixen 28 February | 15:40
it would shake my faith in our justice system
We don't have a justice system, we have a legal system. Anyone who confuses justice with the law hasn't been paying attention.

I'm very very glad to hear that the Bad Things are over and, if nothing else, you can now put them in the past and move on. Sometimes, that alone is enough or, if not enough, the best that you can hope for. To The Future!
posted by dg 28 February | 16:48
Good on you coming through some rough times. (((Twiggy)))
posted by deborah 28 February | 17:50
Over! *phew!*

I'll be doing this in 3 months to 2 years.
Or 5 to 10.
Ah, Justice!
posted by ethylene 28 February | 22:02
Hooray Twiggy! Thank you for the update!
posted by halonine 29 February | 11:05
Wow, isn't it GREAT to put an ordeal behind you? Congratulations on getting these issues settled!
posted by Elsa 29 February | 13:12
Neature Walk. || Um, hi. This is a nervous post.