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26 February 2012

Anyone know of any fun/harmless pranks (for a shared computer) that I could load onto other users' Start Menus, toolbars, or desktops? [More:]

Back in the day ('90s?) I had a great one of a monster that would chomp away at and eat the desktop and any screens they had up.

I've already changed the Time settings to display 'PM' as 'GET TO WORK!'.

I wouldn't mind a curious-looking file that, when clicked on, displays a fake Shut Down notice that says something like "YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED TOO MUCH PORN!", but it can't actually shut down the 'puter.

Anything I do has to be harmless and easily undone by the victims. My coworkers aren't very 'puter savvy.

I wish there was a way to automate Cornify for this.
posted by Miko 26 February | 13:12
The old "screenshot of the desktop and hide the desktop" is tried and true.
posted by Splunge 26 February | 13:52
Splunge, I'll do that one some time when I'm working with 'em. Miko, I suppose you could Cornify a photo, hopefully something relevent to the job or person, and put it on the Start Menu? I think it would pop up when the PC is booted.

Life has been so much more fun since I realized I could go to My Computer -> C: -> Documents and Settings -> and then into any user's files to add things to their Start Menues or Desktops.
posted by shane 26 February | 14:02
If any of them use OS X you can install the Kernel Panic Screensaver.
posted by johnpowell 26 February | 14:21
I totally didn't know you could do that. When you say "add things" what do you mean? What kinds of files?
posted by Miko 26 February | 14:38
Ha ha, no, no OS X here. That might cause a heart attack, too.

Yeah, Miko, when you take that path to Documents and Settings, you generally find folders there labelled with the usernames or employee #s of the other users on a shared PC. If you know which usernames/#s are who, you can click into someone's file. You can then add any type of file you like. So, for example, one time I went into another user's folder, then to Desktop, then added an Internet shortcut to that webpage where you can push a button and watch explosions, and I labelled it something like "DO NOT PUSH BUTTON!!" So it appeared on her desktop the next morning, naturally she had to double-click it, then she had fun 'sploding things. And once I added a shortcut labelled "DANGER KITTEN ATTACK" that linked to the Viking Kittens animation online.

Now, if you go to a user's file, then -> Start Menu -> Programs -> Startup, then add a file to the Startup folder, the file should execute when the computer is booted up (by THAT user). So today I added the program we use to log into and out of work to all our Startup folders so as soon as we turn on the 'puter it's up and ready for us to punch in. If I were to find and add one of those prank programs that has a monster or bug or something crawl around the desktop, it should execute on Startup as well.

I can change wallpaper too, although that's a little tricky, as our PC pulls a single wallpaper from a central file folder not located in our user's files, yet somehow (I'm not all that techy) stamps the wallpaper background with a small image stating the user # of the employee who logged in (as well as the Host Name, Logon Domain, IP Address, etc.) I'm not too sure how that works. I can change my own wallpaper by grabbing a new image (which I then manually add that info stamp onto, just in case IT ever stops in or has to proxy into my PC), but then I have to save it in my files so it doesn't replace everyone's wallpaper, I have to name the BMP file "BGInfo", and if I'm lucky my PC won't replace the wallpaper everytime I log off. Weird.
posted by shane 26 February | 15:13
I only know of Mac stuff, but what about just swapping the icons for cooler icons or renaming things? Would they find this too confusing or disturbing?
Are you undoing the pranks or are they undoing them?
posted by ethylene 26 February | 15:47
Good idea, eth! I did rename someone's desktop link to the company Intranet page to "Boring News". So far there's been nothing they have to undo.
posted by shane 26 February | 16:07
AskMe to the rescue!

Also, this or this or this have some old standards plus some I hadn't heard of.
posted by dg 26 February | 16:40
Net send was always good for a laugh in college. Since I was in IT I knew every computer name in the school by desk location. Good times.
posted by Splunge 26 February | 19:50
Ha, thanks again, dg and Splunge!
posted by shane 26 February | 22:58
And I'm definitely getting a wireless mouse.
posted by shane 26 February | 23:22
Oh, net send. That brings back memories.

I used to prank students' computers when they left them unlocked in our open area. First offense was a background image from me. 2nd offense was the screencap desktop + hide icons + lock the desktop and hide the login prompt.

I only had one kid do it three times. I made his entire theme black. Text, background, windows, everything.

Back when we had shared start menus, I think I put a song in the startup folder for someone who needed to be pranked.
posted by lysdexic 27 February | 10:02
"Other People's Heartache" || CLONIE!!! OMG!!!