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20 February 2012

Monday holiday (for some of us). Our HR department decided that we weren't responsible enough to pick our own floating holidays so they've picked them for us. Seriously, the company calendar says "Feb 20 - Floating Holiday". Any other bunnies off today?
No day off here, though it looks to be a slow day (not because of the holiday) so I'm hoping I can leave a little early this afternoon.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 February | 09:46
Don't have the day off here either (although pretty much everyone else does). Oh well. I should go check for returned films, but I'm being laaaaazy.
posted by sperose 20 February | 10:18
It's not a holiday here, and I'm at work but only in body. Getting nothing done, and very tempted to write off the rest of the day and start the week tomorrow (which ought to be one of the perks of self-employment but I'm more likely to sit at my desk accomplishing nothing). Lots to do but none of it urgent.
posted by altolinguistic 20 February | 10:30
Off today, and may take tomorrow off too. It feels good.
posted by bookwibble 20 February | 11:15
I am off! Hello from my bed!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 February | 11:20
Not a holiday in Canada, yet somehow Food Network Canada is running a Diner's, Drive-Ins & Dives marathon . Did I sleep through an american invasion ?
posted by rollick 20 February | 11:23
I have off today. The dogs are enjoying the snow. I'm contemplating a nap.
posted by bluesapphires 20 February | 11:26
I am off, but only because I have vacation time I have to burn before the end of April. It's wonderful, because with my regular Tuesday off, I get a mini vacation of three days together. I sooooo needed to sleep in.
posted by redvixen 20 February | 11:28
Oh you americans! Always dawdling and idly lolling about while the rest of the world is toiling by the sweat of our brow!
posted by jouke 20 February | 11:54
*Raises hand*

*Savors the day*
posted by jason's_planet 20 February | 11:54
Not off. Actually in class right now, listening to the development of the Anglican church in colonial Virginia and Maryland.
posted by stynxno 20 February | 11:57
I'm off, and I'm in the same boat as Octothorpe, though I get 3 floating holidays that aren't scheduled for us as well. I'm OK with it. Spending the day with my wife.
posted by eekacat 20 February | 12:10
"Not a holiday in Canada" Um, yes it is. In Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario it's Family day!
posted by arse_hat 20 February | 12:36
I'm not off, but the kids are. Hubby is having tons of fun today.

posted by lysdexic 20 February | 13:00
Office is "closed" (i.e., support staff is off but attorneys are expected to bill) but I am working from home.
posted by amro 20 February | 13:16
It's my school's winter break week, so yes I'm off today, but the calendar holiday is only a coincidence. I was at a flyball tournament over the weekend, ended up thoroughly (but very happily) exhausted, then got caught in the snow and had to spend Sunday night in NC, but it was kind of OK because the hotel I ended up sliding into had a place right next door selling huge delicious bowls of pho. And everything was pretty clear to drive back this morning. And just about now the weekend's adrenaline rush is wearing off and I'm remembering about the exhausted part.
posted by Wolfdog 20 February | 13:37
Off today. Had toast with orange marmalade in addition to usual weekday breakfast of cereal, fruit and skim milk. Finishing The Secret History, a gift from a British friend from our China trip, so as to clear the decks for Everything is Illuminated, last Open Yale book for MeTa Book Club. Treadmill run whole watching some more of The Forsyte Saga is next on the agenda.
posted by bearwife 20 February | 14:02
One of my agencies is closed, the other is unstaffed today but available for me to see clients, so I got the morning off but I'll be seeing clients later this afternoon. Which meant I got to sleep in and then take advantage of the first day of a three-week free trial gym membership I got. Which was nice. Except that now I am tired.
posted by occhiblu 20 February | 16:08
Yup, "family day" here, plus it's Evelyn's 8th birthday, so we're hanging out and relaxing. Decorated a whack of cupcakes with a whack of things-gummy. Nice times!
posted by richat 20 February | 16:23
I have chosen to float because I technically have to use up all of my "personal" days each year before my anniversary, which was last week. (Yes, we divide time off into personal, sick, and vacation. Rather silly, I think.)

The boy and I have just been to see Wim Wenders' astonishing 3D documentary, Pina, and are now enjoying some homemade lentil stew while my car gets a tune-up. Later it's gym time, then I'm going to smoke up, put on the headphones, and do some creative work.
posted by mykescipark 20 February | 18:02
I'm off today. Spent all of the morning at two coffee shops outlining this 20 minute talk I'm supposed to give at the museum tomorrow night and I'm basically freaking out about it because I usually forget to breathe when public speaking.

Now I'm at the computer editing down my self portraits into a manageable and relevant number to display with my talk. I just took off my Get Shit Done hat for a little break.
posted by rhapsodie 20 February | 18:30
Worked today. One of the two courts I mainly practice in was open, the other was closed. I did manage to get a client's aggravated robbery case dismissed at a preliminary hearing so it was a good day.
posted by jayder 20 February | 20:05
Update: now it's Tuesday! jouke, I'm British but I did my bit for global idleness yesterday, and today I'm firing on all cylinders and getting stuff done left, right and centre.
posted by altolinguistic 21 February | 05:19
I had the day off, but since I hurt my hip, drove 350 miles in pain, and got a pricey traffic ticket, I think I somehow missed the "dawdling and idly lolling about" part, darnit. Will try for that next time.
posted by JanetLand 21 February | 06:38
Let's all do our bit for global idleness.
posted by jouke 21 February | 09:49
A stack of books over three stories tall, || Happy Birfday, TheDonF!