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19 February 2012

Sherlockology Perfect for people who want the wallpaper at 221B Baker Street or his Spencer Hart suits.
When I was a younger Splunge I was married. For the first time. My sister-in-law was as as much into Sherlock Holmes as I was. We would smoke a bit of the herb and discuss Holmes for hours. One thing that we always got back to, was having a Sherlock Holmes Convention. But it wouldn't be in a place that the average person would be able to find. A Sherlock Holmes Convention would happen within another convention. Like a Star Trek Convention. All the people for the SH convention would mingle with the crowd in the other convention. They would all be in a disguise. And they would know each other by signs and symbols.

I still think that would be a fun idea.
posted by Splunge 19 February | 22:50
Splunge, I love that idea!
posted by arse_hat 20 February | 00:50
Speaking as another Sherlockian, they already sort of do that. Not in the midst of another convention, to my knowledge, but the Baker Street Irregulars do have annual meetings at which they do puzzles, visit Holmes-related sites, do speculative re-enactments, listen to scholars and the like. Undoubtedly they could have even more fun, and subgroups of them probably do in a more sub rosa way. Here's the Baker Street Blog.

I'm glad this was posted because I hadn't looked in on the Irregulars in years and they seem to be really active and doing a lot on the web, which is great.
posted by Miko 20 February | 01:25
I just got paid so this site is ....dangerous
posted by The Whelk 20 February | 14:43
This isn't helping my appreciation of the programme. I don't pay much attention to this kind of detail normally, some of these props are pretty jarring for me.

I can understand Moriarty having a bunch of expensive clothes and accessories, but how does an ostentatious 3000 watch fit in with Watson's character? I mean he supposedly moves in with Sherlock because it's cheap FFS.
Sherlock has a 13,200 limited edition white gold watch. I can understand that a client might give him such a thing if he refused money, but why would he wear a watch that says 'mug me - it's totally going to be worth it!'.

The whole thing seems like the production company were trying to spend the most money possible, for some inexplicable reason. Wallpaper 98 a roll? That is the kind of thing I might expect from an MP's spurious expenses form, not from Mrs Hudson.
posted by asok 21 February | 08:30
The site is put together by media people, highlighting the product details of the show. Most people do not notice these things, you're not really suppose to, despite how much they add to the overall product.

And the links page links to the Baker Street irregulars and other Holmesian organizations that have gotten a boost.

Don't have time to Sherlock out rationals, got to run, oh, but I could.
posted by ethylene 21 February | 08:38

I just got hooked. Can't be bothered to watch it on PBS, I'll only miss a key episode (even if they play it more than once). If I lived in the UK, evidently I could stream, but NOO, I'm here in the land of entertainment = watching potential GOP prez candidates dig up so much dirt on each other that none of them will ever get elected.
posted by shane 21 February | 17:09
Ahem. Check your email.
I so love that first episode of the second season, and yet I hate myself for it.
posted by ethylene 21 February | 17:26
Ooh, thanks, eth!!
posted by shane 23 February | 12:23
Sunday night three-"oy" update. What are your oys? || A stack of books over three stories tall,