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10 February 2012

Photo Friday: Autumn Colors

Brown County, Indiana
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Autumn Bubble
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Shadows of fall
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posted by pjern 10 February | 00:34
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Zombie Flowers
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 10 February | 01:50
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I was a week late on this picture this year but I kind of like seeing the transition and also seeing the track bed turned yellow from the leaves. Those tracks have been running through The Commons since the 1840s.
posted by octothorpe 10 February | 07:48
Front maple
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Richmond VA from an office building
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These two were taken by a college friend on her film camera; I don't remember how I talked her out of her second prints but I love the pictures

Bruton Parish in Colonial Williamsburg
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Courthouse in Colonial Williamsburg
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posted by bluesapphires 10 February | 08:06
Slickrock Creek Trail, TN/NC border, 10/24/11
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On my street, morning dog walk, 11/02/11
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posted by workerant 10 February | 10:08
This is an unassuming green tree in my backyard that goes spectacularly golden each fall. It's my favorite tree in my yard.
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posted by Sil 10 February | 10:27
Love the dog running photo, Sil. I don't normally go for photos on angle like that, but that's a good use of the technique. Plus, the dog being almost vertical in the photo helps, and the angle lends itself to the action in the photo. Also, it has a great dog in the photo. Nice!
posted by eekacat 10 February | 11:40
OOPS, my above comment is apparently directed towards workerant... Sorry.
posted by eekacat 10 February | 11:43
Central Park

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Harper's Ferry, WV

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posted by gaspode 10 February | 11:54
eekacat: it was more of a HURRY THE DOG IS COMING than a planned technique. But thanks!
posted by workerant 10 February | 11:59
workerant, there's a lot that's great about that photo, like the dog running into the sharpness of the depth of field, and the light in the background. There are stories in that one, and that's what are the best photographs for me. Certainly there's a lot of luck to be had when taking photographs, but recognizing your lucky ones as good (or your thoughtfully composed ones) is the art. When you start recognizing what it is you like about your "good" photographs, that becomes a part of your subconscious, and so when you take these hurried "lucky" photographs, there is a lot of learned activity going through your brain that sets it up. Yours is my favorite photo of the day, so take credit for taking a good one! You deserve it!!!

P.S. the awesome dog helps with the photo too, and deserves an extra treat for being awesome. ;)
posted by eekacat 10 February | 15:40
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This is pretty, but my little camera did not do the real thing justice.
posted by lysdexic 10 February | 18:21
What a nice way to shake the winter blues!
posted by halonine 12 February | 13:12
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